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Catalan independence referendum turns violent as police storm voting stations

Professor Damien Kingsbury October 2, 2017 4 Comments

With national police raiding and closing dozens of voting booths yesterday, it is clear that the vote will not be recognised by the conservative People’s Party government in Madrid.

Voters get really stroppy: the top 10 elections of 2015

Charles Richardson December 23, 2015 7 Comments

Just about everyone this year voted to kick this mob out.

Rundle’s Christmas Argument Clearing-House, Vol 2

Guy Rundle December 21, 2015 5 Comments

Brush up on the Spanish election talking points ahead of your Christmas lunch. It's bound to come up.

Rundle: 2014 sounded the death knell of the Right’s ‘consoling illusions’

Rundle: 2014 sounded the death knell of the Right’s ‘consoling illusions’

Guy Rundle January 7, 2015 29 Comments

How will the right-wing parties of the world respond to their losses in 2014? And how will they fare in the years to come?

Catalonia’s vote for independence reduced to ‘glorified opinion poll’

Charles Richardson November 7, 2014

With Catalonia set for an independence "consultation" on Sunday, it's worth examining the legal war that has turned the campaign for independence into an anemic symbolic gesture.

Follow Friday: @PabGallego on the future of the Left in Spain and Europe

Follow Friday: @PabGallego on the future of the Left in Spain and Europe

Matthew Clayfield July 25, 2014

The GFC hit Spain hard, and the recovery from it has spurred a resurgence of the Left, says Spanish activist Pablo Gallego Garcia.

Follow Friday: @fiskeharrison on running with the bulls

Follow Friday: @fiskeharrison on running with the bulls

Matthew Clayfield July 4, 2014 5 Comments

British writer Alexander Fiske-Harrison first entered the ring as a wannabe bullfighter, but has found his niche following in Hemingway's footsteps -- quite literally.

War of words over Gibraltar

War of words over Gibraltar

Charles Richardson August 20, 2013

Spain and Britain are still arguing over the coastal territory, but the discussion is unlikely to spark another Falklands War, writes Charles Richardson.

Graphic designer to dishwasher: Spain’s ‘ni-ni’ gen move Down Under

Crikey November 8, 2012 6 Comments

Youth unemployment in Spain sits at 50%, prompting many to flee and try and make their way in Australia. Kevin Ponniah reports on the youth that were promised prosperity.

ECB plays its part, but will Europe’s pollies play theirs?

Crikey September 7, 2012 14 Comments

The European Central Bank has established a mechanism that should provide greater stability for the eurozone -- but will countries use it? Glenn Dyer and Bernard Keane on the new lifesaver.