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Clean green Turnbull pumps Snowy Hydro PR back uphill, reuses it

Bernard Keane August 28, 2017 28 Comments

Malcolm Turnbull's Snowy Hydro 2.0 is a couple of small announcements masquerading as a "gamechanger" in energy policy -- one the Productivity Commission fears will be a white elephant.

Snowy Hydro to get the poll numbers flowing for Turnbull

Crikey March 17, 2017 2 Comments

Time enough if good enough ...

Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

Crikey March 17, 2017 5 Comments

Tele stalking Triggs ... Snowy Hydro poll boost ... Turnbull on a train ...

Rundle: Elon Musk and the end of capitalism as we know it

Guy Rundle March 16, 2017 29 Comments

Let Turnbull try to build his new dam. The seeds of capitalism's destruction are already sown.

Turnbull lifts his game on gas — as a key reform era ends

Bernard Keane March 16, 2017 35 Comments

Malcolm Turnbull put some old skills to good use yesterday - but his Snowy Hydro proposal will never happen.

Essential: Shorten takes the lead, and who should pay more tax?

Essential: Shorten takes the lead, and who should pay more tax?

Bernard Keane May 13, 2014

Bill Shorten has taken a narrow lead as preferred PM, today's Essential Report shows, as Tony Abbott falls deep into negative approval territory.

Managing the Snowy River, where ‘independence’ is a weakness

Managing the Snowy River, where ‘independence’ is a weakness

Bernard Keane October 18, 2013 4 Comments

The NSW government intends to dump an independent scientific committee that guarded the health of the Snowy River for a hand-picked, government-controlled body.

Too little too late for Snowy in its death throes

Crikey August 12, 2010 13 Comments

The Snowy River: among the attributes that might be expected of one of Australia’s major tributaries, it lacks only water, writes Joel Tozer.

Is the agreement to save the Snowy now dead?

Bernard Keane April 15, 2010

NSW's long history of bloody-mindedness over the Snowy River looks set to wreck the intern-governmental agreement to save the river, with the NSW government revealing it will unilaterally alter the Snowy Hydro Corporation's Snowy water licence.

Proposal to boost Snowy flow blocked by ALP powerbroker

Bernard Keane December 10, 2009 4 Comments

NSW ALP powerbroker Ian Macdonald has headed off an attempt to remove one of the biggest impediments to a healthier Snowy River.