October, 2015

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Media briefs: Kenny’s anonymous self-promotion? … makin’ bacon kill … Ziggy backs the CCP …

, Oct 28, 2015

Did Chris Kenny really write an editorial praising his own work? And other media tidbits of the day.
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Australians still smoke 21 billion cigarettes a year. Why?

, Jan 08, 2014

A report has found the government's campaign against the cigarette may have stalled. Smoking rates have levelled off after years of falling. Will the new, ugly plain packs have an effect?
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Crikey clarifier: are e-cigarettes such a great idea?

, Nov 28, 2013

Electronic cigarettes are touted as the miracle solution to the worldwide tobacco problem. In Australia they are unregulated, scientifically unsubstantiated and toe a blurry line of legality. Freelance writer Dylan Barber attempts to blow away the smoke.
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Tax hike: will smokers cough up or butt out?

, Aug 02, 2013

Labor wants to jack up the tax on cigarettes. Crikey intern Henry Belot investigates whether that will really cut smoking rates, or if it's a cash grab.
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Richard Farmer’s chunky bits

, Aug 01, 2013

Kevin Rudd is literally wearing his prime ministerial hat. Plus other political snippets noted along the way.
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Smoking at the movies: time to butt out cigarettes?

, Oct 15, 2012

Recent studies raise concerns about use of cigarettes in films, from the US to Bollywood, and is a known risk factor for teen smoking, writes Dr Melissa Stoneham
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Get Fact: do gays have more health problems than smokers?

, Sep 06, 2012

Julia Gillard pulled out of next month's Australian Christian Lobby conference in Canberra, condemning boss Jim Wallace's claim that taking up smoking is healthier than being gay. We put Wallace's claims to the truth test.

The IPA research ‘funded by Big Tobacco’

, May 31, 2012

It's been about a decade since anyone admitted it but someone has finally gone on the record to make the connection between right-wing think tank the Institute of Public Affairs and Big Tobacco.

The unhealthy trifecta: smokes, booze & gambling

, Apr 20, 2012

There are similarities between the tobacco and alcohol industries. It’s time to include the gambling industry in this analysis, says Charles Livingstone.
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Helping people who are depressed to quit smoking

, Aug 08, 2011

People with depression can quit smoking with the right support, says new research examining a Quitline Victoria program, the first program in Australia to focus on smokers with a history of depression, writes Rebecca Gordon.