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Topic archives: Scott Morrison

Crikey Worm: Flinders Street attack not terrorism

December 22, 2017 1

Good morning, early birds. Police have dismissed speculation that the perpetrator of yesterday's Flinders Street attack in Melbourne had any links to terrorist organisations. Plus, the UN has formally rebuked Donald Trump's decision to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. It's the news you need to know, with Max Chalmers, bringing you the final edition of Crikey Worm for 2017. But don't worry, he'll be back to deliver your morning dose of news and current affairs in January.

A budget for millionaires and multinationals, not middle Australia

December 19, 2017 8

The MYEFO has revealed that Turnbull doesn't want to do anything about fixing the deficit or debt, and it's going to be regular Australians who pay the price.

Scott Morrison is cooking up porkie pies for Christmas

December 19, 2017 13

Budget on track to return to balance? Not bloody likely.

Has Morrison ‘turned the debt ship around’?

December 18, 2017 4

Australia's debt outlook is showing improvement. But Morrison’s claim this is evidence of “turning the debt ship around’’ might be regarded as premature.

Turnbull just went from fizzer to finished

November 21, 2017 56

The distraction of floating tax cuts won't disguise that the Prime Minister's lack of judgement has destroyed his leadership.

How the states are making Scott Morrison pay for his failing performance

October 31, 2017 5

Has Scott Morrison had his worst month since becoming Treasurer?

The economy continues to tank under Moz, but don’t worry, it’s only hurting workers and the needy

September 29, 2017 8

Corporations are getting away with ever more tax evasion while assistance to the needy, children and those on welfare continues to fall. Hats off to Scott Morrison and Joe Hockey.

Chalmers: even Turnbull’s good economic news is terrible

September 28, 2017 6

Mathias Cormann and Scott Morrison are falling all over themselves to say that the economy as not as bad as they had thought it might be. But as shadow finance minister Jim Chalmers writes, that's not exactly good news.

At long last, a treasurer gets a win on revenue. And it’s Scott Morrison.

September 27, 2017 4

After nearly a decade of overstated revenue, finally a Treasurer gets to reveal a better-than-expected budget outcome, Bernard Keane and Glenn Dyer write.

Think Scott Morrison is a good treasurer? Here are 40 reasons you are wrong

September 13, 2017 24

Suddenly everyone seems to have forgot to hate Scott Morrison, with his polling numbers surprisingly good. Here are 40 reasons his treasurership has been a shambles.