July, 2018

Trump may really be an agent of Putin, Australia must act accordingly

, Jul 17, 2018

Donald Trump's behaviour at his summit with Vladimir Putin raises the possibility the Russians really do have something on the president, and he will pursue Russia's interests, not those of the West.

How Russian hackers played the media

, Jul 16, 2018

The hacking of the 2016 US election by Russian agents was a masterclass in how to weaponise the media. How can this be avoided going forward?

Media Files: Graham Richardson anoints Mark Latham ‘king rat’

, Jul 10, 2018

Richo called Latham a "king rat" for abandoning his party in a heated exchange on Sky News.

The Helen Razer glossary for ruling class go-getters

, Jul 05, 2018

The Crikey Standing Committee on Deluded English presents a glossary for our go-go times

CCTV wormholes, a crisis in the arts, and lattes for the apocalypse

, May 30, 2018

Welcome to Side View — a curated guide to new and overlooked content on politics, policy, and public affairs. This week: low birth rates make people fascist, the dearth of new antibiotics, and coming soon — roachacchinos.

Did the missile attack on Syria really happen?

, Apr 16, 2018

Western military attacks on Syria's chemical weapons sites serve little purpose, are entirely incoherent, and part of profoundly flawed interventionist urge that plays out as ritual that may as well be fake.

Exclusive watch … Jim Middleton leaves Sky for senator’s office … Russian journos sneak into hospital …

, Apr 12, 2018

Some sibling rivalry erupted between News Corp stablemates over an "exclusive" story, and other media tidbits of the day.

What’s stopping Trump from declaring war?

, Apr 12, 2018

Overnight, the president tweeted that Russia should "get ready" for "nice new 'smart'" missiles. Just what stands between Trump and all out war?

Syria would test any president. It is far, far beyond the abilities of Trump.

, Apr 12, 2018

As Trump contends with forever-mounting pressure at home, his already feeble hold on the Middle East continues to slacken.

Razer: war won’t wait for our moralising fits over Stormy Daniels

, Mar 27, 2018

It's time to face the fact: the obscenity of violence should overrule the Western "obscenity" of unruly women.