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Crikey Worm: dual-citizenship concerns for Labor’s David Feeney

December 6, 2017 4

Good morning, early birds. The dual-citizenship crisis hits home for Labor, and America's Russia probe digs deeper still. It's the news you need to know, with Max Chalmers.

Razer: oh, those anti-Russians …

November 9, 2017 55

There is no evidence of orchestrated “misinformation”. But it has become accepted alternative fact that “Russia” interfered in the US election.

Why suits will carry on American complicity in Russian misinformation

and November 8, 2017 10

As US lawmakers and tech companies shout about an Honest Ads Act to prevent election meddling, they ignore how much Russia relies on traditional US press to spread disinformation all on their own.

Rundle: Fairfax smells a WikiLeaks conspiracy in Catalan referendum, surprise, surprise

September 29, 2017 1

STOP PRESS! WikiLeaks has run a campaign on Catalan independence, at a crucial point ... just as it has run campaigns during other elections and referendums.

What would happen to Donald Trump Jr in Australia?

July 19, 2017 1

If Donald Trump Jr had been a staffer for a politician in Australia, what would have happened? Quite possibly nothing much at all.

LEAKED: Donald Trump Jr’s diary

July 14, 2017 2

He sure does go to bed early like a good boy.

Trump’s Russia scandal could end in someone going to jail for sedition

July 12, 2017 7

Though that's a long way off.

Vale Mark Colvin … media inquiry … judge v journo …

Vale Mark Colvin … media inquiry … judge v journo …

May 11, 2017 3

Veteran ABC broadcaster Mark Colvin has died after a long illness.

In asymmetrical diplomacy, Russia holds all the cards

April 12, 2017 12

Is there a way for Donald Trump to institute regime change in Syria while still saving face?

LEAKED: minutes from Russian cabinet meeting following Syrian airstrike

April 11, 2017 3

Want to know what (or rather, who) Russian President Vladimir Putin is truly scared of?