November, 2012

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Obama is chiselling himself a space on Mount Rushmore

, Nov 13, 2012

Barack Obama is seeking to nail down a liberal century -- and a budget deal would be his downpayment on becoming a very memorable president indeed.
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How could they all get it so wrong?

, Nov 09, 2012

Republican-leaning pundits predicted the US election result more on hope more than common sense. Now there's egg all over their faces as Democrats celebrate.

Talkin’ about a revolution the GOP won’t get

, Nov 08, 2012

It wasn't just Barack Obama's victory that had liberals salivating yesterday. Democrats have built a platform to win more of the electorate, says Crikey's man in America.

All hail the pollsters as Obama becomes a two-termer

, Nov 07, 2012

The networks say Barack Obama has won. Mitt Romney -- who apparently didn't write a concession speech -- may now need one. The election was close, but Democrats will win.
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At the democratic heart, we wait for common sense

, Nov 07, 2012

After the longest and most expensive campaign in history, Crikey's writer-at-large returns to DC where hopes are high for a clear result -- and common sense.
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Who’ll win Congress, and the other big races?

, Nov 07, 2012

Election day USA is about more than who'll be president. Our man in America previews key races in the Senate, the House of Representatives and gubernatorial elections across the nation.
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What’s up for grabs today, and how they’ll win it

, Nov 06, 2012

Four years of campaigning end today as votes are counted in the US presidential election. Our man-at-large assesses the state of play and the possible scenarios, however fanciful ...
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Doorknocking for Obama in mid-size nowhere Ohio

, Nov 05, 2012

Come election day it will be chaos in Florida, Ohio, Virginia. Hence the ground game, with Guy Rundle tagging along with Obama supporters doorknocking to convince potential voters to vote early.

Voter fraud plagues ramshackle US voting system

, Nov 02, 2012

Bob Fitrakis, a professor of political science and founder of news site The Free Press talks to Guy Rundle about voter fraud and voter machine issues.

Rundle: zombies roam flooded streets, like the near-dead electoral system

, Nov 01, 2012

Just as the Republicans were opening up their strategy on a larger canvas, they've been hit by the Frankenstorm shambling towards them. Barack Obama is off the campaign trail but front and centre.