September, 2015

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Rundle: worst Australian government ever, proven by science

, Sep 02, 2015

No, really. This is the actual worst one. But just for fun, let's look at the other contenders ...
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It’s time to grit our teeth and face fiscal reality

, Jun 20, 2014

This government blames all of its unpopular budget cuts on the spending of the previous government, and no doubt the next government will do the same. But Stephen Bartos, ACIL Allen Consulting public policy and governance expert, says the real problem is that time is not on our side.
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An alternative — but more accurate — economic history from the ABS

, Jun 05, 2014

The ABS's revisions to previous GDP numbers show how dramatic the impact of the financial crisis was on the Australian economy, write Glenn Dyer and Bernard Keane.
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Razer’s class warfare: it’s the economy, stupid (or why Scorsese is a girl’s blouse)

, Jan 16, 2014

When did we decide that economics and a real class struggle were too hard and we could just get by with our feely feely feelings?
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Is Australia complicit in the Tamil genocide? The tribunal is in

, Jan 07, 2014

A tribunal of academics and activists has found the Sri Lankan government guilty of the genocide of its Tamil minority. Retired diplomat Bruce Haigh was at the tribunal as an expert witness and asks: is Australia also to blame?
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Flying high: Labor ministers racked up millions in VIP travel

, Dec 10, 2013

Labor used the VIP jets far more than the Howard government, a review of the practice by Rose Iser at The Citizen has found. Despite MPs speaking out against it.
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High Court challenge: ‘asylum seeker plan is unconstitutional’

, Aug 27, 2013

Lawyers for an asylum seeker challenging Labor's PNG plan are refiling and expanding their case today. If the new tack is successful, the High Court case could stymie future offshore processing of refugees.

Kyoto Protocol: will Gillard stay or go?

, Jun 12, 2012

How, in just five years, did Labor go from being Kyoto enthusiasts to Kyoto agnostics? asks Andrew Macintosh, associate director of the ANU Centre for Climate Law & Policy.

NT prescribed communities: not normalised, exited, eliminated

, Jun 12, 2012

Global evidence suggests that stronger futures for Aboriginal people will require more self-determination, writes professor Jon Altman of the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research.

Budget surplus fetish means more harsh spending cuts

, Nov 08, 2011

If the government is serious about guaranteeing an excess of revenue over expenses, it must make spending cuts now, writes Adam Creighton, a research fellow at The Centre For Independent Studies.