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Crikey Worm: COAG meets to discuss compensation for child abuse survivors

February 9, 2018

Good morning, early birds. The Coalition of Australian Governments (COAG) meets today to discuss, inter alia, compensation for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse. Plus, is it even possible to "tonify" one's kidney essence? The TPA comes under fire for allegedly loose labelling practices on vitamin products. It's the news you need to know, with Max Chalmers.

Crikey Worm: government slashes environment spending

December 13, 2017

Good morning, early birds. Government funding for environmental projects will soon fall to just 60% of the amount spent in 2013-14. Plus, former prime minister Julia Gillard has a warning for the government. It's the news you need to know, with Max Chalmers.

Victoria Police raise Pell, cardinal pontificates impending See change

June 30, 2017 6

It is a rare, if ever, event for a cardinal to be charged with a criminal offence, writes Vaticanologist Michael Hewitt-Gleeson.

Pell freezes over

May 23, 2017 6

Cardinal George Pell shaped an entire generation of the Australian Catholic Church. But his influence, and that of priests like him, is waning, as Pope Francis embarks on a radical overhaul of the Vatican and ecclesiastical appointments.

No Walkley nom, but a vindication of sorts for the Hun’s Pell scoop

October 27, 2016

It took 10 months to put together a story about sexual abuse allegations against George Pell, but this week police questioned the Cardinal in Rome.

Religious education encouraged ‘grooming’ 7-year-olds

August 19, 2016 12

Children were being encouraged to form "special friendships" and share secrets with adults in a religious education program in Queensland.

The bishops who helped a paedophile priest with his thesis on another paedophile priest

June 24, 2016 1

Paedophile priest John Joseph Farrell wrote a masters thesis on another paeodphile priest, who served the same diocese. And two bishops helped him write it, writes freelance writer Kate Doak.

Quo vadis, George Pell?

March 7, 2016 8

The question that many are now asking is this: Where are you going, Cardinal Pell? Vaticanologist Michael Hewitt-Gleeson explores four options and makes his predictions.

How two Ballarat schoolboys took on a paedophile Christian Brother

March 3, 2016 5

In the dead of night, two schoolboys decided to take on a predator.

Media briefs: Pell the antidote? … Vic gov out of print … star-spangled ranga …

Media briefs: Pell the antidote? … Vic gov out of print … star-spangled ranga …

March 3, 2016 5

Be careful of kicking George Pell, the associate editor of The Boston Globe warns.