February, 2018

Philippines drug war kills countless poor people, while the rich escape unscathed

, Feb 23, 2018

Duterte’s war on drugs has become, like in every other nation where a drugs war is waged, an onslaught against the poor.

Crikey Worm: Asia summit wraps up in controversy

, Nov 15, 2017

Good morning, early birds. The US President has prematurely abandoned the East Asia Summit, and questions abound over who exactly will replace dual citizen Jacqui Lambie in the Senate. It's the news you need to know, with Max Chalmers.

Rundle: the ABC should dump political editor Chris Uhlmann

, Aug 25, 2017

Chris Uhlmann embodies a power-hungry, truth-averse approach to politics that makes him wholly unsuitable for his current job.
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ASIS chief raises fist — and hackles — with Duterte

, Aug 23, 2017

The head of Australia's foreign intelligence service has alarmed intelligence circles with an error of judgment in his meeting with strongman Rodrigo Duterte.

What is Islamic State doing in the Philippines?

, Jun 20, 2017

We are a month into the siege of the country’s biggest Muslim city, Marawi, by groups who have aligned themselves with the so-called Islamic State.

What to read this weekend: recommendations from the bunker

, Apr 07, 2017

What we're reading: Canberra's forgotten dreams, ... more like the "alt-wrong", how Trump solved CNN's problems, Syria's torture wards, Trump is not Nixon, law and order in the Philippines, and the plight of pregnant women in Yemen.

Turnbull pokes the dragon, gets torched, at tense G20 summit

, Sep 07, 2016

Not to mention the myriad little fracas involving Obama.

State-approved vigilante ‘death squads’ in Philippines kill 1900 — and counting

, Sep 05, 2016

Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte came to office explicitly promising to ramp up the body count, writes Michael Bradley.