December, 2014

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What it was like to be an asylum seeker in 2014

, Dec 08, 2014

This year has been the most brutal on record for asylum seekers looking for protection in Australia. Crikey intern Diana Hodgetts finds a grim litany of human rights abuses, with more to come.

Razer’s Class Warfare: death the inevitable result of our asylum seeker policy

, Mar 06, 2014

There are plenty of horrifying accounts of individual acts of violence on Manus Island. But we need to step back from them and see what is really at fault here: policy, not people.
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Meet the companies that run our immigration detention camps

, Feb 25, 2014

Australia's offshore detention centres are run by global firms involved in everything from weapons to coal seam gas. Here's everything you need to know about those in charge at Manus Island, Nauru and Christmas Island.
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Morrison’s use of asylum seeker death unravels as facts come back to bite

, Feb 24, 2014

Scott Morrison's insistence on using an asylum seeker's death as a political tool has left him exposed, as his initial claim about Manus Island was quickly shown to be false.