November, 2017

Amazon isn’t the only predator in the retail jungle

and , Nov 23, 2017

The arrival of Amazon is only the latest threat to retailing, which has been enduring structural change in the economy now for years.
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How Gen Y is shopping differently to their parents (and how it’s changing the economy)

, Jul 05, 2017

Thirty five years worth of retail turnover data shows that we now shop very differently to the era of Bob Hawke, big hair and shoulder pads.
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Campaign to jack up online GST is protectionist and lazy

, Nov 27, 2013

In demanding the lowering of the GST threshold for offshore purchases, the states and retailers want more cash from the federal government or consumers.
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The surprise take away message for domestic online retailers

, Oct 04, 2013

Instead of complaining about the GST, Australia's retailers ought to look at who is doing well online here. And the answer might surprise them, write Glenn Dyer and Bernard Keane.
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Grand Theft Retail: why traditional retailers will continue doing it tough

, Sep 20, 2013

Changes in consumer spending are going to go on clobbering the traditional retail business model, regardless of what the Aussie dollar does.
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Stop singing those blue-collar blues: manufacturing jobs rise

, Dec 19, 2012

ABS data shows the dynamics of the Australian workforce are changing -- good news at last for manufacturing, but bad news for public servants and construction workers.

Retailers’ frenzy shows they still don’t get it

, Nov 21, 2012

The Click Frenzy online retailing spruik wouldn't have impressed customers. And yet traditional retailers actually have all the cards when it comes to online shopping.
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Click frenzy, profit wait for local retailers

, Nov 20, 2012

Australia’s big retailers are trying to jump on the Click Frenzy bandwagon, while Target is still fighting to make a profit online. The numbers for many simply don't add up.

The day the music died (in store) goes to retail woes

, Aug 31, 2012

Musicians and music lovers may have a fondness for their bricks-and-mortar stores, but the demise of Allans Billy Hyde shows music is not immune from the changes sweeping retail.

Bonanza for big-box retail at the expense of transparency

, Jan 24, 2012

Planning ministers in Victoria have a habit of trying to cut corners and then coming unstuck, writes Stephen Rowley, an urban planner and former co-editor of Planning News.