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Romney, religion and the fundamentalists

Charles Richardson March 20, 2012 3 Comments

Last week's Republican primaries in Alabama and Mississippi drew some attention to the nature of politics in the deep, deep south. But some commentators misread the religious overtones.

Rundle12: vigorous primaries toughen candidates like fire tidies a room

Guy Rundle February 3, 2012 12 Comments

With the exception of Colorado, each contest is getting some attention.

While Labor fights in Qld, its young leader joins GOP campaign

Andrew Crook January 23, 2012 25 Comments

The president of the Queensland branch of the Young Labor Party is a staunch supporter of conservative Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, using leave from the AWU to campaign in the US.

Romney fails to impress in New Hampshire

Guy Rundle January 9, 2012 129 Comments

Republican Mitt Romney tried to be casual, relaxed and engaging in New Hampshire. It didn't work. Crikey's Guy Rundle begins his US roadshow in the bellwether state to report on this week's crucial primary.

Sarah Palin plays the ol’ waiting game

Crikey September 14, 2011

Staying out of the formal race does not appear to be doing Sarah Palin any harm in her efforts to become the Republican Party presidential nominee. She is currently the third most popular choice, writes Richard Farmer.

Santorum’s presidential hopes face a sticky problem

Stilgherrian June 7, 2011 3 Comments

Rick Santorum is running for president? Hah! The religious right of the Republicans might reckon they've found their man in this confrontationist conservative former senator from Pennsylvania, but did they check Google?

Richardson: Republican race gets under way

Charles Richardson March 7, 2011 2 Comments

The next presidential election is still 20 months off, but that's by no means too early for candidates to be shaping up.

Palin on the nose, so who wants to be America’s next top Republican?

Harley Dennett February 25, 2010 2 Comments

The base has spoken: Mitt Romney is the man most likely to win America's Next Top Republican and challenge Barack Obama in 2013. Harley Dennett reports on the influential Conservative Political Action Conference.

Will McCain be another Iraq casualty?

Crikey July 12, 2007

Even as George W Bush repeated, yet again, his determination to "stay the course" in Iraq, the war looked like claiming another high profile casualty.