July, 2018

Could religious extremists pave the way for a bill of rights?

, Jul 10, 2018

The push for legislative protection of religious freedom could be a way to achieve a bill of rights that Australia so desperately needs.

Razer: I had John Howard all wrong

, May 17, 2018

Either Helen Razer spent 11 years overthinking Howard, or Howard spent the last 11 learning to believe his own cack. Either way, his submission to the Religious Freedom Review is proof that one of them is bonkers.

Will marriage equality lead to defunded private schools?

, Dec 07, 2017

With marriage equality set to pass the house of representatives today, what, if anything, will change about religious schooling?

Philip Ruddock is here to save us from secular persecution

, Nov 22, 2017

Funny how, when people go from wielding power to having it wielded at them, they change their mind about how it should be used.

Paterson’s ‘religious freedom’ bill was typical IPA twaddle

, Nov 17, 2017

Paterson's abandoned 'religious freedom' bill threw the IPA's hypocritical libertarianism into stark relief.

Crikey Worm: holy war delayed until further notice

, Nov 17, 2017

Good morning, early birds. It looks like the parliamentary dust-up over protecting religious freedoms from the soon-to-be-reality of marriage equality will be delayed until the new year. Plus, a euthanasia bill has been narrowly defeated in the New South Wales upper house. It's the news you need to know, with Max Chalmers.

The broad multi-faith prayer room: where does your god stand on marriage equality?

, Oct 11, 2017

We've heard all sorts of view from people claiming to represent God's will in the marriage equality debate. But just where do all the major religions stand on marriage equality?

Attention religious bakers: you may not discriminate against LGBTI people. It is the law.

, Sep 13, 2017

There is no good reason in legal or social policy for a religious body to get a free pass on discrimination.

Taxpayers should shell out for religious indoctrination in public schools because freedom

, May 08, 2017

School chaplains argue they need millions of dollars in taxpayer funding to push their religion in government schools.

Hotel confirms physical threats over ACL conference

, Sep 20, 2016

Some involved in a protest against the Australian Christian Lobby's marriage event made physical threats to Mercure Hotel staff.