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Crikey Essay: Churches, tax and deniability

Crikey August 22, 2008 4 Comments

The Australian $80 billion not-for-profit sector is facing two reviews, one by Treasury and one by a Senate Committee, which entails a long overdue look at tax exemption for the unrelated-to-religion commercial businesses of the churches, writes Max Wallace.


Crikey July 2, 2008

This wouldn’t happen in the US! Wearing a T-shirt that the NSW police don’t like might get you arrested, in and around World Youth Day, an event organized by the Catholic Church that will see the Pope coming to Sydney etc. Unbelievable. SMH, ABC, and according to The Australian, “Strip searches okayed for WYD“. Julian […]

Anglican split a business problem, not a crisis of faith

Crikey July 1, 2008 5 Comments

Jeff Wall investigates what's behind the split that's not a split in the Anglican Church.

Bad religion: A harm reduction approach to God

Crikey June 12, 2008 10 Comments

Many people use religion. It provides them benefits we can’t ignore. However, it also causes health, social and economic harm, writes Michael Gordon-Smith.

Time for Camden’s silent majority

Crikey May 29, 2008 7 Comments

The totally expected decision to reject the application for an Islamic school seems to have drawn ignorant statements on one side and ridiculous statements on the other, writes Keysar Trad.

Camden: a tale of cowardice and mortgage belt bigots

Crikey May 28, 2008 15 Comments

Today’s commercial radio talkback was crackling with the “good news” that Camden had been “saved. anything but, writes Alex Mitchell.

Bernard Keane’s confessional: it’s tricky being an atheist

Crikey May 2, 2008 31 Comments

It’s a bit tricky being an atheist sometimes, confesses Bernard Keane.

How not to kill a celebrity public park drug story, by Todd McKenney

Sophie Black April 29, 2008 4 Comments

Somebody finally told Todd McKenney to shut up. Sophie Black wonders why it took so long.

Census debunks some religious myths

Crikey June 29, 2007

From a lot of cultural indicators, you'd think that religious belief in Australia was on the increase. But if we move from the world of rhetoric to the world of hard data, the picture is quite different.