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Don’t mention the war: Vatican rewrites Pope’s Hitler Youth past

Crikey May 13, 2009

The Vatican blundered into a fresh public relations fiasco on Tuesday after seeking to rewrite the biography of Pope Benedict XVI by denying that he was ever a member of the Hitler Youth.

Ladies’ man Berlusconi scolded by Catholic Church

Crikey May 6, 2009

The Italian Prime Minister's "exuberance and a weakness for young, flowing actresses" is "worrying", says the official Catholic newsletter, after his wife announced she was fed up and divorcing him.

Nearly all Americans believe in God? Not any more

Crikey May 6, 2009

With 40 million nonbelievers, secularists have very quietly become one of America's largest minorities.

US soldiers in Afghanistan “hunt people for Jesus”

Crikey May 5, 2009

US soldiers in Afghnistan have been given bibles in the Pashtu and Dari languages and told by a military preacher to "hunt people for Jesus".

Why we’re still talking about religion

Crikey May 5, 2009

Science, reason, liberalism, capitalism — they aren't enough. British critic Terry Eagleton argues that only religion unites "the most universal and absolute of truths" with people's everyday life. Stanley Fish reviews his book on the subject.

When is news, news?

Richard Farmer April 24, 2009

Richard Farmer questions Sky News' decision to report on the Christmas Island detention centre's Christmas dinner, and Joe Hockey is looking for a miracle worker.

Globalistion: is it God’s plan?

Crikey April 7, 2009

It’s increasingly apparent how analogous a globalising world is to the environment in which Christianity took shape after Jesus’ death, according to Robert Wright

Costello tries to hose down Catch the Fire connection

Bernard Keane February 11, 2009 44 Comments

What an appalling hypocrite Peter Costello is, says Bernard Keane.

Forget Backman — meet the Pope’s anti-semite

Crikey January 27, 2009 21 Comments

Williamson’s a virulent, Protocols-of-Zion-quoting anti-Semite who thinks that the Holocaust didn’t happen. He’s also just been welcomed by Pope Benedict back into the Catholic fold, writes Jeff Sparrow.

Hats, head-dresses and public schools

Crikey September 3, 2008 6 Comments

It is not the Ormiston College uniform policy that needs review, it is the special status we accord to religion, writes Michael Gordon Smith.