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Tag archives: Religion

VIDEO: Archbishop of Canterbury talks silence

Crikey May 29, 2009

The Archbishop, Rowan Williams, appeared in winning form at the Hay festival to chat religion and lead prayers.

Why America loves Dan Brown

Crikey May 28, 2009

Polls reveal the growth of do-it-yourself spirituality in the US, says Ross Douthat. It's a sentiment that Dan Brown taps brilliantly in Angels & Demons and The DaVinci Code.

Understanding Dan Brown’s America

Crikey May 28, 2009

If you want to understand American religion, says Ross Douthat, you need to understand why so many people love Dan Brown.

Thousands victims of Irish church abuse

Crikey May 21, 2009

A new report from Dublin has found tens of thousands of Irish children were sexually and physically abused in religious schools and institutions from 1930 to 1990.

Spiritual experiences: it’s all in your head

Spiritual experiences: it’s all in your head

Crikey May 20, 2009

Some scientists believe people who have a "spiritual experience" are just suffering from temporal lobe epilepsy, and that Joseph Smith, Muhammad, Joan of Arc, Moses and the rest were all epileptics.

PR tips for an accident-prone Pope

Crikey May 19, 2009

Just be yourself. And other words of wisdom to help lift Pope Benedict XVI out of controversy.

Is this Michelangelo’s first painting?

Crikey May 15, 2009

The painting 'The Torment of Saint Anthony', rumoured to be Michelangelo's first ever painting, will go on display for the first time ever this June.

Jesus gets a modern-day makeover

Crikey May 14, 2009

A British church has created a "21st Century" Jesus statue, getting jiggy with some baggy jeans and sculptured facial hair. In other news: Christianity just got even less cool.

Pope yet to find peace in Israel

Crikey May 13, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI's pilgrimage to Israel has been beset by controversy. However, the controversy is occurring mainly because of the Pope's audience, not the Pope himself, writes Brad Hirschfield.

Vatican attempts to rewrite Pope’s Hitler Youth past

Crikey Intern May 13, 2009

Despite the Pope's previous acknowledgments that he was forced to join the Hitler Youth, a representative from the Vatican announced that the Pope was "never in the Hitler Youth, never, never, never".