July, 2018

Australian policy condemns deported Tamil asylum seeker

, Jul 19, 2018

Thileepan Gnaneswaran has been permanently separated from his family, as Australia continues to operate under flawed logic on Tamil refugees.

Is it time for Australian states to step up on asylum seeker support?

, Jul 02, 2018

The cruelty of the federal government's immigration services is well-established, but what's happening in the states and territories? This is the focus of a new report out today.

Some alternatives for Bill Shorten’s plan to ‘stop the boats’

, May 28, 2018

Bill Shorten is jumping at his chance to follow the Coalition's border protection policies, but there are other strategies that may stop refugee deaths.

Queue-jumping South Africans should wait their turn

, Apr 13, 2018

Efforts by Western Australian Liberals to flood Australia with white South African "refugees" would undo the Coalition's good work of taking back control of our humanitarian visa program.

Dutton fundamentally misunderstands the ‘plight’ of white farmers in South Africa

, Mar 15, 2018

White farmers in South Africa have been pretty bemused by Peter Dutton's recent comments. Here's why.

Latest changes to detention centre protocols provoke hunger strikes, heartache

, Jan 17, 2018

New restrictions on visitation to Australian detention centres seem needlessly cruel. Rebekah Holt investigates the results of such measures and asks why they're deemed necessary in the first place.

Loewenstein: Manus protest is failing, so let’s talk about a boycott of Australia

, Nov 13, 2017

Industries like sporting and tourism could be turned into tools for fighting indefinite incarceration.

Razer: our empathy will not save the souls on Manus

, Nov 07, 2017

The horror story unfolding on Manus Island is due to a democracy deficit not an "empathy deficit".

Crikey Worm: ‘Paradise Papers’ largest leak in history

, Nov 06, 2017

Good morning, early birds. The largest leak in history has implicated the rich and famous in a hidden network of shadowy tax accounting. Plus, the two Coalition parties fall to infighting over the task of appointing a new Senate president. It's the news you need to know, with Max Chalmers.

Meet the Rohingya of western Sydney, remote witnesses to a pogrom

, Sep 22, 2017

Since violence against their friends and family in Myanmar erupted in late August, Lakemba's Rohingya community has convulsed as loved ones disappear.