June, 2016

How the Australian media silences rape victims

, Jun 09, 2016

By not quoting victims, the effects of violence is minimised, the authors of a landmark study say.

Wikipedia page of rapist-led cult whitewashed from inside the ATO

, May 02, 2016

An ATO employee has been using a work computer to whitewash the Wikipedia page of a South Korean cult, whose leader is in prison for multiple counts of rape. Freelance journalist John Power reports.

Nauru is your fault. It’s time to stop pretending it’s not happening

, Feb 09, 2016

You can't stick your fingers in your ears and ignore what the government is doing in your name. But protests and candlelight vigils are not going to solve anything.

How the ABC bungled the story of the ‘5-year-old rape victim’

, Feb 09, 2016

The ABC reported a five-year-old had been raped on Nauru. That turned out to be false -- so how did the ABC get it so wrong?

Razer: Bowie, ‘rape culture’, and how feminism became the Westboro Baptist Church

, Jan 15, 2016

The new feminism, so eager to annul a woman’s memory of sexual pleasure with David Bowie, has begun to offer itself up as a ridiculous cartoon.
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Chris Kenny, refugee advocate at odds over Nauru rape complainant interview

, Oct 22, 2015

A refugee advocate has become embroiled in a stoush with The Australian's Chris Kenny over an interview he conducted on Nauru.
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Mayor’s support for rapist trivialises violence against women

, Apr 07, 2015

High-profile support for a Sydney rapist, and the attempt to shut down criticism of it, illustrates how we trivialise violence against women.
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Razer’s Class Warfare: baby, you weren’t born this way

, Oct 23, 2014

The real problem with Mia Freedman's statement on The Project was not that she mentioned homosexuality and paedophilia in the same sentence. The real problem is she said homosexuality was an innate characteristic, which it is not.
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Razer’s Class Warfare: shut up about the GoT rape already

, Apr 24, 2014

TV is not real. Even good TV is not real. And Game of Thrones is certainly not real. So stop yelling about the morality of a crime committed in a fictional kingdom peopled by demons.
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Media briefs: Tele fear … Totaro takes UK … new Block revealed …

, Jan 24, 2014

Planet Hillary, scaremongering and more media tidbits.