December, 2017

Faine and Glover appear unassailable in ABC radio shake-up

and , Dec 07, 2017

ABC broadcasters Jon Faine and Richard Glover are among the few radio presenters with their jobs untouched in next year's line-up.
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Islands in the stream: radio stations v copyright industry over online broadcast

, Mar 24, 2015

Should radio stations have to pay additional licensing fees for streaming their broadcasts online? The body representing music recording companies certainly thinks so -- but radio stations say they can't afford it.
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ABC efficiency — how well does it stack up against its rivals?

, Feb 07, 2014

One of the ABC's problems may be that it is too efficient in competing with commercial broadcasters, some of which it outrates consistently, write Crikey commentators Glenn Dyer and Bernard Keane.

2UE banks on Dicko and unknown young gun to take on Jones

, Jan 11, 2013

Management at 2UE has opted for the team of Ian "Dicko" Dickson and young reporter Sarah Morice to take on Alan Jones in the Sydney breakfast slot.
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Lachlan’s bet on Australian media might actually pay off

, Sep 03, 2012

Lachlan Murdoch’s DMG radio buyout can be seen as a $100 million bet on the Australian economy, and on a media sector that defies the doom and gloom.

Jones failed ‘reasonable efforts’ test, but chaff bag OK

, Jun 15, 2012

The broadcasting regulator has found Alan Jones in breach for his notorious "0.001%" comments, but not those about killing the Prime Minister.

Regional radio content slashed again

, Sep 13, 2007

Yesterday the Government clawed back its commitment for local radio programming in the bush, from a mighty four and half hours to just three hours.