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Queue-jumping South Africans should wait their turn

April 13, 2018 73

Efforts by Western Australian Liberals to flood Australia with white South African "refugees" would undo the Coalition's good work of taking back control of our humanitarian visa program.

Dutton may be Trumpeting divisive bile, just don’t call him a racist

March 26, 2018 9

The media's response to Dutton's latest talking point has once again illustrated that it's a far graver sin in Australia to label someone a racist than it is to promote racist ideals.

Politicians show their true colours over South African farmer fiasco

March 22, 2018 41

The real ugliness of the South African farmer question, built on spurious figures and indifference to non-white suffering, is that its cynical explanation is better than its ideological explanation.

Flinders Street attack begets online racist hatred, which tabloids feed on

December 22, 2017 52

Hatred on social media -- and the tabloids that eat it up -- is born of ignorance, and the media has a responsibility to change that it, writes Irfan Yusuf.

Razer: it might be ‘unbiased’, but the ABC is not free of racist rot

November 14, 2017 13

The thugs who abused Sam Dastyari might be working class, but racism is maintained as it was started: by elites, for their own benefit.

How the media — including me — helped normalise political extremists

November 10, 2017 24

We've created a world in which abuse and harassment of politicians is normalised. The media is a big part of the problem -- and not just the mainstream media.

Why I’m done fact-checking Islamophobes, racists and trolls

November 10, 2017 32

It's hard to come up with the perfect come-back when you're accosted by racists like Sam Dastyari was. But it's what happens next that is more important.

Why racist stuff-ups continue to plague the ad industry

October 23, 2017 9

The recent controversy around a Dove ad raised questions around what checks and balances advertising agencies have in place to prevent such stuff-ups.

Tony Birch says Mango poem controversy exposes student entitlement

October 18, 2017 13

In the aftermath of HSC students' vilification of poet Ellen van Neerven, we speak to author and academic Tony Birch about education, poetry, and online abuse.

Rundle: why the middlebrow culturati declared war on HSC students over a poem

October 18, 2017 48

Gen X, Y and Z culture commanders have rallied the troops after a bunch of year 12 students expressed their dislike of a set text from their HSC exams. The horror!