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Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

Crikey July 5, 2017 4 Comments

Hey, big spender ... QUT 18c case student reveals political leanings ... should she stay or should she go? ...

It’s complicated: George Christensen’s on-again-off-again relationship with freedom of speech

Charlie Lewis April 27, 2017 7 Comments

Free speech is amazing, unless it's a greenie protest, then it's terrorism.

A wordcloud of the completely pointless debate on 18C

A wordcloud of the completely pointless debate on 18C

Charlie Lewis April 4, 2017 1 Comment

It is all about freedom. And speech. And rights. And it doesn't actually matter, because for the last time, the Racial Discrimination Act is not going to be amended.

Govt behind the 18C ball, wastes everyone’s time debating doomed changes

Josh Taylor March 31, 2017 3 Comments

The government has used the culture war of changes to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act to bide time while company tax cut negotiations continue.

Rundle: the death of the 18C debate (and why this is all Andrew Bolt’s fault)

Guy Rundle March 31, 2017 22 Comments

Does Malcolm Turnbull actually want to change section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act? Who the hell knows anymore.

The devil in the details of Brandis’ 18C legislation

Josh Taylor March 23, 2017 8 Comments

Brandis' new 18C legislation means significant process changes for the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Liberals in crisis: the search for a unifying leader

Crikey March 23, 2017 21 Comments

The Liberal Party needs a leader who can govern from the centre but placate its radical base. It's unclear if it can produce one, write Bernard Keane and Josh Taylor.

Sorry, Malcolm, but multicultural Australia is not ‘united, strong, successful’

Irfan Yusuf March 23, 2017 5 Comments

And guess whose fault that is?

Crikey Worm: What’s going on with 18c, marriage equality and beef

Crikey Worm: What’s going on with 18c, marriage equality and beef

Max Chalmers March 22, 2017

Good morning, early birds. Change ahead for the Human Rights Commission, but not section 18c, and Peter Dutton's secret marriage equality plan. It's the news you need to know, by Max Chalmers and Charlie Lewis.

What’s out and what’s in: Turnbull announces changes to the Racial Discrimination Act

Josh Taylor March 21, 2017 9 Comments

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull promises making it harder to make complaints under 18C will actually strengthen the law.