January, 2018

Canada’s $350 million media stimulus would set the tone for Australia

, Jan 29, 2018

The package, which would bring Canada's media aid spending close to $1 billion, comes after repeated pressure from publishers. You can expect Australian companies to follow suit.
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Australian papers dead weight in the News Corp stable

, Nov 06, 2014

Despite reassurance from News Corp officials, the News and Information services publishing arm continues to struggle, write Paddy Manning and Glenn Dyer.
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Crikey list: most memorable books by politicians

, Jul 07, 2014

Here are some of the best and worst books by Australian politicians in recent times. You be the judge on which one to demand at Christmas time ...
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Books by politicians: how to avoid the bargain bin

, Jul 07, 2014

A flood of pollies have books coming out, from Julia Gillard to John Howard and Bob Day. We look at what makes for a good read in this tricky genre.
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On time passing, and India changing: writer Anita Desai reflects

, May 22, 2013

Thrice nominated for the Booker Prize, writer Anita Desai reflected on her place in India's rapidly changing literary canon in a speech in Melbourne last night.
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Despite renos, Penguin House can’t match Amazon McMansion

, Nov 01, 2012

The merger of publishers Penguin and Random House will trigger more takeover activity. And the impact will trickle down to all aspects of the industry, writes Scribe publisher Henry Rosenbloom.

The international agreement to gouge e-book customers

, Jan 24, 2012

E-book prices have soared due to an international agreement between publishers. But why are non-US customers being gouged even more?

Controversy aside, snaps to Australian poets

, Oct 14, 2011

Australian poetry is suddenly the subject of considerable debate. While there's controversy over a new poetry anthology by UNSW Press, there's wider optimism over the health of poetry more generally.

How I made a blank book an Amazon bestseller

, Apr 18, 2011

Author Shed Simove desperately wanted a bestseller, but even he was surprised when his self-published blank book -- titled What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex -- sailed up the Amazon charts.

An intriguing read that paints a vivid portrait of the publishing industry

, Mar 01, 2011

Does a plug by another author on a book cover ever convince you to buy it? Author Bill Morris explains the delicate business of 'blurbing', where writers indulge in mutual pats-on-the-back and help aspiring writers get their books onto shelves.