October, 2014

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Think your data is anonymous? Ha.

, Oct 27, 2014

Your digital breadcrumbs are very easy to trace, with even moderately skilled hackers (or companies, or governments) easily able to figure out where you live and track your movements in real time.
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Privacy con? Big Brother is now watching your credit card

, Mar 24, 2014

They've been sold as 'enhancing' our privacy, but these changes are anything but. There's a new system for how personal credit files work and you could be the loser.
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Tips and rumours

, Mar 19, 2014

News Corp's Carsguide in trouble? ... ruling in parliamentary gym dispute ... Canberra media movements ...
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Private, keep out: how to safeguard your personal information

, Mar 18, 2014

New laws are being celebrated as a win for privacy, but are they all they're cracked up to be? Crikey found it a monumental challenge to raid the supposedly open database.

Settlement in Molly Lord case: Seven, WIN, Mercury say sorry

, Apr 15, 2013

The family of Molly Lord has won a confidential settlement with broadcasters and The Illawarra Mercury in a landmark privacy dispute. Freelance journalist Amanda Meade reports from Sydney.
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A family in distress on the TV news, and a missing law

, Mar 28, 2013

When Molly Lord died at home, media outlets showed images of her dead body and grieving mother. Communications law expert Mark Briedis argues it shows the laws defending privacy are inadequate.

LinkedIn pulls a Facebook-like swifty on ‘social advertising’

, Aug 11, 2011

LinkedIn likes to portray itself as the professional social network, but it seems they're perfectly happy to treat their professional users as fodder for advertisers without asking.

Why the campaign against anonymity is an attack on free speech

, Aug 09, 2011

There's a growing campaign against online anonymity from governments, corporations and even the media. It's dangerous.

Privacy Eye: the challenge for the media

, Jul 29, 2011

Media bosses assure us blatant disregard for the law is not part of the local scene but a broad-based inquiry into the media is in the offing, writes Peter Timmins, a lawyer and blogger.

Privacy Eye: only the rich and powerful to benefit?

, Jul 26, 2011

The complex debate on whether we need legal recognition of privacy rights has been artificially narrowed by News of the World frenzy, writes Luke Williams.