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Xi-Obama deal leaves Abbott with nowhere to hide on climate

Xi-Obama deal leaves Abbott with nowhere to hide on climate

November 13, 2014 51

The climate action agreement between China and the US removes the assumption on which the Coalition's entire contradictory approach to climate change is based.

John Howard’s still lying about Iraq invasion

John Howard’s still lying about Iraq invasion

April 10, 2013 21

John Howard is still defending the war in Iraq, and his speech to to the Lowy Institute is full of lies. Will nobody pull him up on the continuing falsehoods?

If Obama stays home the Senate could be the fight

September 19, 2012 6

With the Democrats post-convention bump settling into a nice two-to-three lead in the presidential race, Obama is starting to breathe a little easier. But the real fight might be in the Senate.

Romney, comedy and horse play … it’s a Mitt sandwich

August 1, 2012 6

"What the hell is wrong with this guy?" National Review editor Jonah Goldberg wailed at one of Mitt Romney's spectacular gaffes.

Rundle: no happy returns as the Mitt hits the fan

July 19, 2012 16

Mitt Romney is reeling and on the ropes, a mere fortnight into the US Presidential election campaign, with his continued refusal to reveal a full run of tax returns prompting a storm of criticism.

US Right spinning … but from a blow to the head

US Right spinning … but from a blow to the head

July 3, 2012 15

Yes, the Democrats are the Taliban. That passes for centre-right thinking in the US these days.

Obama rides the Trojan horse to healthcare win

June 29, 2012 8

The US Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of President Barack Obama's healthcare law, in a 5-4 decision, with the four liberal justices being joined by Chief Justice John Roberts.

America opens new front against Iran … online

America opens new front against Iran … online

June 4, 2012 1

Stock up on the ketamine and brace yourselves for a relentless new assault of PR-driven cyberwar scare stories. Barack Obama has been ramping up attacks on Iran's uranium enrichment facilities.

Rundle: this year’s US poll may be the undoing of the Almighty

May 18, 2012 10

There are several ways for a cliffhanger result to come out with either side winning by five college votes or so.

Obama’s healthcare act hinges on a glass of water

March 30, 2012 15

The conservatives are feeling more confident about the Supreme Court challenge to Obama's health care act after three days of argument, given the ferocious questioning to which the government's representative was subject.

Number crunching, Mitt’s chances and nature of power

March 7, 2012

As Rundle writes today from Toledo, Ohio: "Five victories – with Idaho providing an alternative venue to go 50/50 with the other candidates – would make the night Romney's. Falling below that would be nightmare afresh for the GOP."

Rundle12: Obama rolls his tanks onto the GOP’s country-club lawns

January 27, 2012 23

Obama's state of the union was the first time the President has really laid claim to the Bin Laden raid. But it's linking it back to the domestic fight that is particularly audacious.

US debt: Obama threatens veto after supercommittee fails

November 22, 2011 10

Barack Obama has upped the pressure on Republicans to agree to some tax increases as part of US deficit reduction by threatening to veto any attempt to undo automatic cuts to the military.

Bottoms to that

Bottoms to that

November 18, 2011 10

This week's Sideshow Alley winner earns the prize for using the word "bottoms' in a story about the President of the United States.

Obama visit — cultural cringe as fandom

November 18, 2011 4

Like superfans, we’ve been hanging out forever for President Obama to tour, and we just about lost our minds once he finally did.

Obama to China: you can’t exploit our fiscal crisis

November 17, 2011 30

Barack Obama used his address to Parliament to send an unambiguous message to China.

Obama’s war on tiny planes

Obama’s war on tiny planes

November 16, 2011 2

What kind of ally deprives our nation's hacks of caffeine and our skies of tiny planes?

A pretty grim set of numbers

A pretty grim set of numbers

September 7, 2011 6

President Obama take the nation through the numbers of his jobs package plan Thursday night (US time) in his address to Congress. In the meantime, the numbers are in on his latest approval rating, and it’s the worst of his presidency.

Riding the US rollercoaster

August 9, 2011 8

Let's reverse the rollercoaster back past this double dip to the first, the initial drop into US recession, post-Wall Street massacre, as a freshly minted President rose to be inaugurated.

Congress gridlock makes our politics look positively rosy

Congress gridlock makes our politics look positively rosy

July 13, 2011 7

The Washington gridlock means whichever way the vast majority of the American public look at it, they're getting screwed.