April, 2018

Universal basic income? More like universally bad idea.

, Apr 10, 2018

The fact that those spruiking universal basic income are also those crushing workers' rights should signal the true designs of this so-called "leftist" policy.
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Fantasy budget 2015: abolish Centrelink and just give people money

, May 12, 2015

One way to help fix the deficit is to streamline welfare by eliminating the bureaucracy with a negative income tax. In other words, just give people cold, hard cash.
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Struggle Street review: poverty porn and the problem with FIFO journalism

, May 07, 2015

SBS' much-hyped (and prematurely loathed) new documentary series was a far more balanced and honest tale than anyone expected, writes freelance writer Kavita Bedford.
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Would you like a raise with that?

, Dec 13, 2013

The minimum wage in the United States is just $7.25 an hour. For a long time that has remained unchanged and undebated -- but the workers are now rising up.
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Crikey Clarifier: what the overhaul of Australian aid will mean

, Sep 24, 2013

Tony Abbott is overhauling aid, cutting funding, merging AusAID with DFAT and reorienting spending. Aid expert Thulsi Narayanasamy looks into the changes and what they will mean.
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Why neither major party is addressing indigenous poverty

, Sep 06, 2013

Despit the epidemic of indigenous poverty, neither major party has a comprehensive policy to address it. Jon Altman, professor at ANU's Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, says only the Greens have a different approach.
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Unsung policy issue: when you have no home to go to

, Sep 04, 2013

Remember when tackling homelessness was a major priority? Well it hasn't been in this election campaign -- and the number of homeless people is rising. Freelance journalist Henry Belot asks some tough questions.
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Doing it tough in Forde, Beattie’s would-be electorate

, Aug 14, 2013

With former Queensland premier Peter Beattie announcing his candidacy for the federal seat of Forde, writer Melissa Lucashenko reports from Logan to find out what he's campaigning for.
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When did ‘Labor values’ become John Howard’s values?

, Mar 26, 2013

Missing: true Labor values and an acceptance that structural barriers create poverty and disadvantage. It's time for the ALP to stop blaming and short-changing individuals.
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Memo to Bono and TED fans: look closer to home for poverty

, Feb 28, 2013

U2 rocker Bono gave a TED talk in California this week addressing global poverty. But has the wealthy TED audience found what it's looking for? California-based Australian writer Jason Wilson investigates.