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Rogers’ rabbiting: One Nation candidate claims Port Arthur massacre faked

January 13, 2017 3

And just wait until you see his homemade online polls.

Journos should have known better than to use Martin Bryant’s mother’s writing: ethics investigation

March 23, 2016

According to a new book, the journalists' union ethics committee found that authors of a book on Martin Bryant should have known better than to use his mother's manuscript without her permission.

Martin Bryant’s lawyer talks to Seven, but legal privilege questions remain

March 7, 2016 16

Martin Bryant's lawyer has spoken to Channel Seven about materials he had previously said were bound by legal privilege.

Rundle: sigh, Leyonhjelm a right-wing gun nut after all

Rundle: sigh, Leyonhjelm a right-wing gun nut after all

December 19, 2014 44

Australia is itself proof that tightening gun control laws prevents gun massacres. So why does David Leyonhjelm think that the Sydney cafe siege could have been prevented if more civilians carried guns?

Labor MP letter to US politicians: enact our gun laws

December 19, 2012 3

As the number of guns in Australia reduced, so too did gun violence. Labor MP Kelvin Thomson implores the US Congress and Senate to look to our experience.

What John Howard could teach the US about gun control

September 9, 2008 45

Ever since John Howard’s 1996 post Port Arthur gun law reforms, our local gun lobby in Australia has been the laughing stock of its US brethren, writes Simon Chapman.