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Crikey clarifier: is it time for term limits?

Crikey clarifier: is it time for term limits?

Crikey Intern February 6, 2015 5 Comments

Clive Palmer thinks Australia's "shallow political gene pool" would be better diversified through the introduction of term limits. Is he onto something? Crikey intern Rowan Forster weighs the pros and cons.

Grumpy old git gives Turnbull what for

Jonathan Green July 21, 2009

In an email to all Liberal MPs, Wilson Tuckey has described his leader, Malcolm Turnbull, as inexperienced and arrogant.

Australia’s human rights record under attack

Crikey March 27, 2009

Australia's human rights record has come under scrutiny by the international watchdog, writes Dan Ziffer.

The economic crash may be a boost for health reform

Crikey March 26, 2009 2 Comments

The economic slump is no excuse for governments to wimp out on health reform, writes Melissa Sweet.

Fitzgibbon affair points to bureaucrats out of control

Bernard Keane March 26, 2009 37 Comments

There are a number of issues in play in the revelation that Defence has been spying on its own minister. All bear teasing out, writes Bernard Keane.

Aceh’s democratic test

Crikey March 26, 2009

On 9 April, Indonesia's province of Aceh will hold elections for its local legislature, illustrating Indonesia’s recent evolutionary process of political maturation, writes Damien Kingsbury.

Why rail projects in NSW cost three times as much as they should

Crikey March 26, 2009 7 Comments

The gurus at Infrastructure Australia should be asking some hard questions because something seems terribly wrong with the cost of rail construction in NSW, writes Gavin Gatenby.

Rundle: Israel’s de facto apartheid

Guy Rundle March 26, 2009 20 Comments

One grim upside of Israel's massacre in Gaza has been the way in which a widespread view of the Israeli state has come into alignment with those who know something of the region's history, writes Guy Rundle.

The fastest school spending spree in history doesn’t add up

Crikey March 25, 2009 6 Comments

It's time for the national media to start asking questions about the execution of a program that the PM himself admits is the biggest national logistical challenge since World War 2, writes Stephen Mayne.

Two new greenhouse gasses discovered

Crikey March 25, 2009 2 Comments

Two new synthetic greenhouse gases are getting their "debut" at the Greenhouse 2009 atmospheric science conference in Perth this afternoon, writes Ben Sandilands.