July, 2017

Reform win in NSW Liberals just the first step

, Jul 24, 2017

Regardless of the current political context, parties must find a way to engage their memberships. The NSW Liberals have taken a first step to do that.
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Why do we vote like it’s 1999?

, Jun 09, 2016

When does a party have to include disclosure? Why can't ads use footage of Parliament? And where do dank memes fit in?
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Exclusive: Fraser’s progressive vision for a new political party

, Mar 26, 2015

Malcolm Fraser was avidly working on founding a new political party, Renew Australia, founded on the principles of social justice, progressive democracy and escaping the long arm of the United States.
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Party time: will Xenophon be able to launch a national brand?

, Dec 12, 2014

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon has announced plans to form his own political party. But will his popularity in South Australia translate to a national party? Freelance journalist Casey Briggs reports from South Australia.

Motoring Enthusiasts exactly what we — and Abbott — deserve

, Sep 10, 2013

Crikey readers talk micro-parties and whether we got what we deserved.

Privacy and media

, Aug 14, 2013

Crikey readers have their say on privacy and journalists collecting their information, the disadvantages of being a small party and the meaning of "huis clos".
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It’s party time: September 7 will be a voters’ smorgasbord

, Aug 06, 2013

There are more political parties contesting this election than ever before. Is that a win for democracy -- or democratic overkill? Crikey intern Henry Belot asks some experts.
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Tips and rumours

, Jul 19, 2013

Democrats back on the scene ... Sex Party trumps One Nation ... senior public servants over-loaded ...
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The party’s over: which clubs have the most members?

, Jul 18, 2013

Australia's political parties are on the nose as they desperately try to sandbag dwindling membership. Crikey has investigated which parties, teams and clubs have the most members -- and you might be surprised at the results.

Bombs away on defeating the surveillance state

, Jun 12, 2013

Crikey readers vent their spleens about asylum seekers, the Outdoor Recreation Party and civil disobedience in the wake of the NSA surveillance scandal.