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‘Rage, rage and the dying of the right’, a poem by Guy Rundle

Guy Rundle September 25, 2017 12 Comments

Crikey endorses neither political violence nor tercets.

Old King Coal, an Australian nursery rhyme

Crikey February 2, 2017 1 Comment

An all-Australian nursery rhyme about the National Party, its hapless leader Barnaby Joyce, and the country's dutiful leader Malcolm Turnbull.

<em>Turning</em>: John Kinsella’s poetic take on those seeking asylum

Turning: John Kinsella’s poetic take on those seeking asylum

Crikey January 21, 2014 3 Comments

Award-winning poet John Kinsella offers a unique take on the asylum seeker situation befuddling politicians and the public. Crikey publishes his new poem Turning.

Evidently Deveny Town

Guy Rundle May 6, 2010

A poem for Catherine Deveny. The fucking days are fucking long, it fucking gets you fucking down, evidently Deveny town...

“I thought about pizza”: a poem by Tim Holding, on the occasion of his rescue

Crikey September 4, 2009 3 Comments

On Feathertop Mountain -- to be sung as a Tom Waits dirge.

The wattle, the bottle and me

Richard Farmer September 3, 2009 1 Comment

He's been plagiarised by Monty Pythons, but Richard Farmer still has a soft spot for wattle.

Knit one stanza, pearl one stanza

Crikey August 26, 2009

More than 800 knitters are currently knitting and crocheting 12 inch individual letters to create the world's first giant knitted poem. The selected poem is a secret, part of the centenary celebrations for the Poetry Society.