May, 2018

How many of Australia’s Rich Listers donate as much money as they should?

, May 04, 2018

How do Australia's richest individuals and families stack up according to the Petre Benchmark?

The rich have a moral duty to philanthropy. Do they really deserve praise for it?

, May 03, 2018

Is an annual donation of $18 million to charity a great act? It depends on the context.

Vale Paul Bendat: anti-pokies activist, philanthropist, friend

, Aug 21, 2017

Paul Bendat was a successful businessman, but more importantly he was passionately moral and generous. Stephen Mayne reflects on a life devoted to pokies reform, philanthropy and endeavour towards a better world.
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Wood bets on Guardian, so what now for philanthropic media?

, Feb 03, 2014

The Global Mail's experiment in philanthropic journalism via Graeme Wood looks doomed. So what did we learn about funding journalism in the future?
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As family ties break, will the rich save our newspapers?

, Aug 07, 2013

The family is getting out of newspapers in the United States, leaving rich philanthropists to redefine what big-city newspapers are. So what will the media charitable causes in Australia do?
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Watching the watchmen: Charles Lewis on non-profit journalism

, Jun 13, 2013

Charles Lewis, the US-based "godfather of non-profit investigative journalism", speaks to Matthew Knott about the growing importance of philanthropically funded reporting. And Lewis has some tips on making it work ...
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Is money for Australian art in Venice a little rich?

, Apr 19, 2013

Australia is getting a new pavilion at the Venice Biennale, largely funded by private donors. But very few of us will ever see it. The rich are spending more on art, but do we really benefit?
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Creative partnerships: a new approach to giving in the arts

, Feb 08, 2013

Philanthropy in the arts is due for a shake-up. Crikey talks to the CEO of the federal government's new arts philanthropy organisation, Creative Partnerships Australia.

Don’t just blame the 1% on charity donations

, Dec 07, 2012

Crikey readers have their say.
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Dame Elisabeth: the end of an era of philanthropy?

, Dec 06, 2012

The death of one of Australia's most generous philanthropists overnight has sparked questions about whether other wealthy people should donate more. Is this the end of an era?