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Is the Christmas Island detention centre going to stay open?

June 15, 2018 4

The planned closure of the Christmas Island detention center is looking in doubt after reports that Peter Dutton "changed his mind". What exactly is happening on the island?

Home Affairs admits involvement in ‘good Muslims’ recruitment scheme

June 12, 2018 9

How does a post-doctoral sociologist end up in a swish Sydney conference centre listening to what she soon recognised as horseshit promoted by Peter Dutton's Home Affairs Department?

I don’t think my family is safe in Australia anymore

May 16, 2018 3

Crikey readers respond to the government's controversial new plan for airport security.

Broader force: airports become a dead zone for your basic human rights

May 15, 2018 48

Police will be given new parties to override civil liberties in airports, as the government wastes hundreds of millions on security theatre.

Crikey Worm: unions and big business unite for immigration

May 4, 2018 2

Good morning, early birds. A rare show of unity sticks it to the anti-immigration right. Plus, Peter Dutton's facial recognition surveillance plan hits a road block. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

Barns: Dutton calls on News Corp to help him weaken the AAT

May 2, 2018 21

A consistent news campaign and a new parliamentary committee: Dutton has pulled out the big guns against the Administrative Appeals Tribunal once more.

Crikey Worm: Dutton’s power grabs

May 2, 2018 1

Good morning, early birds. Peter Dutton has his hands full juggling multiple power grabs. Plus, could we have a referendum on section 44 as soon as the next election? It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

#Libspill lies: the problem of groupthink is on us as much as social media platforms

April 6, 2018 14

Fake news about an imminent Dutton Prime Ministership illustrates why social media users are as much to blame as platforms for the deep problems created online.

Crikey Worm: Turnbull’s $65b company tax cut plan falters

March 28, 2018

Good morning, early birds. Negotiations deteriorate for Malcolm Turnbull's $65 billion tax cut legislation. Plus, Peter Dutton subjected to a tongue-lashing from the UNHCR. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

Dutton may be Trumpeting divisive bile, just don’t call him a racist

March 26, 2018 9

The media's response to Dutton's latest talking point has once again illustrated that it's a far graver sin in Australia to label someone a racist than it is to promote racist ideals.

Politicians show their true colours over South African farmer fiasco

March 22, 2018 41

The real ugliness of the South African farmer question, built on spurious figures and indifference to non-white suffering, is that its cynical explanation is better than its ideological explanation.

Crikey Worm: Dan Andrews sweats as funds scandal heats up

March 22, 2018 1

Good morning, early birds. The Victorian Premier resists mounting pressure to force 21 of his scandal-plagued ministers to resign. Plus, how Peter Dutton's department tried to prevent a suicidal 10-year-old boy from coming to Australia for care. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

Tips and rumours

March 16, 2018 5

Hard-right fringe group backs Dutton ... vandalism of Greens material ... polling New England ...

The Dutton Diagnosis: the obsession that’s become a national disorder

March 15, 2018 33

We would be better informed if political pundits rose above the personal into the realms of true historic reckoning.

Dutton fundamentally misunderstands the ‘plight’ of white farmers in South Africa

March 15, 2018 31

White farmers in South Africa have been pretty bemused by Peter Dutton's recent comments. Here's why.

Crikey Worm: Dutton advocates for white refugees

March 15, 2018

Good morning, early birds. Peter Dutton finally found some refugees he likes. Plus, Labor's sop to pensioners following fallout from the opposition's plan to end cash refunds for excess imputation credits. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

Character comes to the fore but not in the way the government hoped

March 2, 2018 38

The government decided to make Bill Shorten's "character" its target this week. Not unexpectedly, it blew up in its face.

What do we know about the deportation of a Tamil man back to Sri Lanka?

February 22, 2018 2

Refugee activists in Melbourne have been working around the clock to stop the deportation.

Tips and rumours

February 15, 2018 1

New leadership at ACL ... new voting block in the senate ... Joyce polls a-plenty ...

Crikey Worm: Brandis’ parting shots

February 8, 2018 1

Good morning, early birds. Ladies and gentlemen, George Brandis has left the building (but not before throwing a little shade at both sides). Plus, Germany finally gets a stable government, more than four months after going to the polls. It's the news you need to know, with Max Chalmers.