August, 2014

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Why the UN should send peacekeepers into Gaza

, Aug 04, 2014

The UN has consistently declined to intervene in Gaza because Palestine is not a state and Gaza is a non-government terrorist organisation. But that is not good enough -- peacekeepers are needed to keep civilians safe, on both sides, writes military ethicist Matthew Beard.
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Why is China interested in helping war-torn Mali?

, May 31, 2013

Is China's decision to get involved in a peacekeeping mission to Mali entirely driven out of altruism? The move is seen as part of an increasingly assertive foreign policy agenda.

Does the world need a UN army?

, Jul 22, 2009

The growing demand for international peacekeeping forces in places like Somalia means it is time finally to bite the bullet and give the UN a permanent, standing military capacity, argues Gideon Rachman.