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Crikey Worm: ‘Make Australia a hellhole,’ says departing ASIC boss

November 9, 2017

Good morning, early birds. Outgoing ASIC chief's parting shot at white-collar crooks, and Optus is now likely to follow Telstra in returning money to customers stiffed by underperforming NBN speeds. It's the news you need to know, with Max Chalmers.

Fifield’s diary revealed: minister preferenced China telco before big local players

July 25, 2017 5

Communications Minister Mitch Fifield held his first meeting with a China state-owned telecommunications company that has no big presence in Australia.

Data breach illustrates danger of mass surveillance

November 17, 2016 6

Revelations of trafficking of Australians' metadata illustrate that data retention -- which has no benefits for law enforcement -- is a serious threat to Australians.

Govt (finally) gives telcos money to keep your personal data

September 5, 2016 3

The big telcos have been given millions of dollars in order to keep your personal information for the government to access anytime it wants, without a warrant. Bernard Keane and Josh Taylor write.

Telstra’s complicated catechism

April 19, 2016 6

Why Telstra supported, then opposed, then supported standing up for same-sex marriage.

Over 30,000 Optus customers’ data published, but debts not automatically forgiven

December 17, 2015 1

A debt collector who tried to outsource his or her own job published the personal information of more than 30,000 mostly former Optus customers online.

Optus customer data uploaded as debt collector tries to outsource own job

December 15, 2015 3

Whoopsies. Turns out you can't just hand out people's personal information just because you don't really want to be bothered with doing your job.

The truth behind Labor’s NBN beat-up

November 26, 2015 9

Labor has unearthed a document that says the cost of the NBN could be about to blow out. But NBN says it's nothing to worry about.

Media briefs: white ants at News … writing about Murdoch … coal for humanity …

Media briefs: white ants at News … writing about Murdoch … coal for humanity …

November 12, 2015 1

Big Harto still giving out gems. Plus other media tidbits of the day.

Telstra wins, we all lose in NBN deal

Telstra wins, we all lose in NBN deal

December 15, 2014 25

We'll get the broadband network we can afford -- and unfortunately, we can't afford much.