May, 2018

Poll Bludger: has the budget helped the government’s chances at re-election one bit?

, May 16, 2018

While warring poll numbers cast doubt on voter's love for the Coalition, there are signs that Malcolm Turnbull may soon have a reason to await his preferred leader polls with hope rather than dread.

Poll Bludger: shining a light on the dark corners of opinion polling

, Apr 30, 2018

The prerogative for pollsters to keep their mix of herbs and spices secret is problematic, particularly as the long-term escalation of the minor party vote makes preference allocations ever more significant.

Poll Bludger: Xenophon could rinse major parties in South Australia

, Dec 22, 2017

As it stands, Nick Xenophon's SA Best party could drop dramatically in the polls and still come out top dog in South Australia.
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Poll Bludger: older Greens seduced by the silver fox

, Oct 09, 2015

The polls suggest a 7% increase in the Coalition primary vote has taken an even bigger bite out of the Greens than Labor.
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Poll Bludger: Sydney Liberal holdouts could quash Labor’s dreams

, Mar 27, 2015

While Labor will win back many seats lost in their 2011 landslide defeat, Premier Mike Baird's Liberal Party will almost certainly retain government.
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Poll Bludger: ‘Mr Nice Guy’ Mike Baird propping up popularity of embattled PM

, Mar 26, 2015

NSW Liberal Premier Mike Baird is seen by many as a down-to-earth everyman to the extent that, instead of Tony Abbott's image dragging Baird down, Baird's popularity is lifting Tony up.
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Poll Bludger: why everyone (including me) failed to see Labor’s Qld win coming

, Feb 03, 2015

The polls were unanimous: the LNP was going to retain government in Queensland. How did we all miss the great Labor comeback?
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Election poll war: landline lives as mobiles fall flat

, Sep 09, 2013

The votes have been cast, so we put our pre-election pollsters to the test. Who got it right, who got it wrong -- and which methodologies seem to have yielded the most accurate results?
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Tips and rumours

, Jul 01, 2013

Opinion polling practices revealed ... Sam Dastyari in federal push? ... MP morphs into boffin ...
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Tips and rumours

, Jun 28, 2013

Ex-AWB figure moves on to farming? ... wannabe MP known to debt collectors ... bots takeover phone polling ...