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Government’s internet shopping tax a dud, doesn’t look like it did in the picture

Bernard Keane February 16, 2017 6 Comments

Retailers claimed it would save billions a year and thousands of jobs, but the government's punitive crackdown on online shopping at the behest of retailers will yield minimal revenue.

An Iconic loss: $45m down, online retailer spirals out of control

An Iconic loss: $45m down, online retailer spirals out of control

Adam Schwab July 12, 2013 3 Comments

The Iconic is still being hailed as a revolutionary online retailer success story. But its books are in a bad way, with estimates of a $45 million hole the company may not get out of.

Retailers’ frenzy shows they still don’t get it

Adam Schwab November 21, 2012 2 Comments

The Click Frenzy online retailing spruik wouldn't have impressed customers. And yet traditional retailers actually have all the cards when it comes to online shopping.

Go Harvey, go Harvey Norman offshore? Don’t bet on it

Glenn Dyer September 19, 2012 2 Comments

So Harvey Norman wants to commit commercial suicide by moving offshore? It's unlikely CEO Katie Page really meant what she said.

Kohler: a new breed of retail letter bomb

Kohler: a new breed of retail letter bomb

Alan Kohler June 14, 2012 4 Comments

The next wave of online retailing, far more dangerous for traditional store retailers than the first wave, is now upon us.

Consumer sentiment up and no one’s pinched the punch bowl

Glenn Dyer June 13, 2012 4 Comments

Are Australians sulking because someone took away the punch bowl and we are feeling poorer?

Prophets and losses: it’s always someone else’s fault

Adam Schwab May 29, 2012 8 Comments

It’s almost impossible to open the financial pages of a newspaper and not read about someone blaming someone else for their own mistakes.

Look no further than Apple to explain the retail woes here

Glenn Dyer April 30, 2012 7 Comments

Apple is often ignored by retailers and analysts looking to explain the current malaise hitting the electronics retailing sector in Australia.

Successful retailers let their results do the talking

Adam Schwab April 2, 2012

Don’t worry too much about retail. As it always has, the low margin, cut-throat sector will continue to reward innovative, forward-thinking companies.

DJs is making big changes: is this Paul Zahra’s last chance?

Kath Walters March 22, 2012 4 Comments

David Jones announced a dramatic transformation of the beleaguered retail chain, putting a lot of pressure on its chief executive, Paul Zahra.