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Australia's 'overly generous' welfare in context

Australia's 'overly generous' welfare in context

Crikey InternMay 30, 201419 Comments

The government and its News Corp cheerleaders have called Australia's welfare system "unsustainable", "overly generous" and "sending Australia broke". Crikey intern Jake Stevens asks: do the numbers stack up?

Money for nothin’ and parental leave for free

Centre for Independent Studies Policy Analyst Jessica Brown writes:Sep 23, 20082 Comments

Paid parental leave is a wonderful idea unless, of course, you are one of the suckers who doesn’t actually take parental leave, writes Jessica Brown.

Blogwatch: the Garnaut interim report

CrikeyFeb 22, 20082 Comments

This doesn't have to mean bad news for business ... Um, this is bigger than Garnaut suggests ... Rudd pulls the rug out from Garnaut.

Australia struggles to keep up with the Joneses: OECD

Antoun Issa writes:Sep 20, 2007

The OECD says our education spending is low by comparison. So how does Australia fare in a range of other measures?