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Germany’s big energy play has nuclear lessons for Australia

Germany’s big energy play has nuclear lessons for Australia

December 2, 2014 5

Germany's largest energy utility is splitting into two companies, with one focusing on renewables and the other on fossil fuels and nuclear power. It's high time Australia also realised fossil fuels and nuclear are both on their way out.

Nuclear myths erupt in Japan

March 14, 2011 121

It has taken less than three days for Japan's notoriously dishonest and evasive nuclear industry to concede the seriousness of the crisis affecting its nuclear power plants, including the "fail safe" cooling process which was a risk analysis bet gone wrong.

Comments, corrections, clarifications, and c*ckups

October 24, 2007

Nuclear power ... Howard, Cheney and Hicks ... people are far more interested in Lindsay Lohan than politics ... Kyoto ... energy subsidies ... the child care rebate ...

Nuclear power? Suddenly a marginal issue

October 23, 2007 2

"If clean coal turns out to be a cheaper alternative, then we may never build a nuclear power station in Australia," Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull said yesterday. Who mightn’t be sitting all that comfortably in the seats of (nuclear) power? Christian Kerr investigates.