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Would uranium sales to India breach a key Labor treaty?

Would uranium sales to India breach a key Labor treaty?

November 28, 2011 12

Uranium sales to India may be in breach of a key international treaty established by the Hawke government in 1985, according to one of Australia's most eminent international lawyers.

France, UK butt heads over nuclear arms; more climate cables

December 10, 2010

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown's push to reduce the numbers of nuclear-armed submarines operating within Britain's military took US diplomats by surprise, another cable released by WikiLeaks shows today.

Europe’s secret nukes

December 3, 2009

Europe's "dirty secret" is that four non-nuclear states -- Italy, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands -- have nuclear bombs and air forces capable of dropping them, reports TIME. Is it time for this Cold War anachronism to end?

Iran and Israel’s secret nuclear meeting

October 23, 2009

Are Israel and Iran finally restoring diplomatic relations? The Israel Atomic Energy Commission says the two countries have met to discuss nuclear non-proliferation in the Middle East, but Iran says it never happened.

SA the odd state out as Labor gets uranium active

January 17, 2008 3

On Tuesday, Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith told India that Australia was cancelling the deal struck by the Howard to begin selling uranium to the country. So what 's the future of the uranium industry? Christian Kerr investigates.