March, 2015

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Your guide to the data retention debate: what it is and why it’s bad

, Mar 18, 2015

It's time to clarify what data retention is and the nature of the threat it poses to citizens.
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Laura Poitras on Snowden, the US government and why you should get Tor already

, Feb 13, 2015

The documentary filmmaker tells Crikey what Edward Snowden is like in person, and how much the NSA can learn from listening to you type.
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Is a second Snowden spilling more NSA secrets?

, Jul 15, 2014

Not only has the NSA targeted people for merely reading about privacy-enhancing software, there's now speculation that there might be a second Snowden.
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Guess who will spy on the G20 (hint: not hactivists)?

, Jun 26, 2014

David Irvine is warning G20 participants that "hacktivists" could target them. But there is an organisation far, far more likely to target the G20 ...

Razer-sharp wit

, Jun 13, 2014

Crikey readers (and writers) talk Helen Razer on Channel Seven, Iraq and government spying.
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The increasingly demented Right can’t stop Obama

, Jun 04, 2014

Barack Obama's latest declaration on climate change is the third in a highly successful three-pronged domestic policy agenda. And that drives the Republican establishment -- and their lunatic Tea Party cousins -- nuts.
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Judicial tension stirs over the dark arts of surveillance practices

, Jan 15, 2014

The United States National Security Agency is facing its first real legal challenge to its collection of citizens' phone metadata. Journalist and law student Parashar Das has followed the cases from Australia.
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The US’ trade secrets demands and what they mean for journos

, Nov 18, 2013

Leaked Trans-Pacific Partnership documents show the US is pushing for unprecedented penalties for those (like journalists) who expose trade secrets. Will Australia go along with the proposal? ANU College of Law associate professor Matthew Rimmer looks at what's at stake.

Go ahead, tap my phone

, Nov 11, 2013

Crikey readers talk News Corp circulation, spying for the US and why it's fine for the government to listen to your phone calls
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We are spying for the US, and the diplomatic cost is rising

, Nov 08, 2013

Australia has worked hard to present itself as the US' deputy sheriff and happily spied on the superpower's behalf. But retired diplomat Bruce Haigh says all the forelock-tugging has landed Australia in a bit of hot water.