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Hinch’s Senate Diary: what was Xenophon thinking?

March 22, 2018

Derryn Hinch argues Nick Xenophon shouldn't have believed his own publicity in the SA election.

Victory declared in war on third parties

March 19, 2018 5

Pundits have declared victory in the war on third parties. But if they go home, they'll find the same challenge returning again to haunt politics.

Poll Bludger: has Xenophon run out of steam?

March 9, 2018 8

After looking like he was going steamroll his way into South Australian parliament, SA Best seems to have lost significant momentum as campaign attrition takes its tole.

Xenophon in political limbo along with a major chunk of SA voters

March 6, 2018 10

Nick Xenophon's SA-BEST isn't a minor party -- but it's virtually impossible for it to be a major one either. Which is bad news for the voters it will attract.

Rundle: Tasmania could soon be Woolworths’ island

March 1, 2018 8

Woolworths' pokies push strategy in Tasmania may sound dull and irrelevant but it will have national ramifications.

Good value is running out the door!

February 21, 2018 1

Limelight revived by investors … 2day FM staffer sacked … A journo’s 17 hours in Chinese police custody …

February 21, 2018

Arts magazine Limelight has been given a reprieve after a group of investors came forward to try to save it.

Laugh all you want, Xenophon’s campaign ad is just what the SA election needed

February 21, 2018 10

Nick Xenophon, who perfected the art of the corny political stunt during his time at Parliament House, is playing into the public's desire for spectacle and misfire.

There will be no real winners in the SA election

February 16, 2018 1

In politics, the worst crime a leader can commit is to lose the unloseable election.

McLachlan sues for defamation … good feud guide … News Corp share sell-off …

February 2, 2018

Craig McLachlan has engaged Stuart Littlemore QC in legal action against the ABC, Fairfax and actor Christie Whelan Browne over stories published that accuse him of sexual harassment on the set of the 2014 Rocky Horror Show.