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Does Australia need gender editors in its newsrooms?

March 8, 2018 13

The New York Times has introduced a gender initiative, including an editor for gender issues. It says it's been successful, but some in Australia remain sceptical.

How long until this newspaper closure cycle comes to pass?

March 5, 2018 1

What does the closure of a number of NZ newspapers means for our media market?

Canada’s $350 million media stimulus would set the tone for Australia

January 29, 2018 3

The package, which would bring Canada's media aid spending close to $1 billion, comes after repeated pressure from publishers. You can expect Australian companies to follow suit.

Crinkling News folds … radio host sacked … Stan Grant’s new show …

January 17, 2018 2

Children's newspaper Crinkling News has folded, just months after it crowdfunded more than $200,000 to keep itself afloat.

Why do newspapers now literally wrap themselves in ads?

Why do newspapers now literally wrap themselves in ads?

January 9, 2018 9

In newspapers' heyday, they would never have dreamed of selling front pages to advertisers. But we're seeing it more and more for one reason: Money.

Covering Melbourne … the most-read newspaper … Telcos pulled into line …

Covering Melbourne … the most-read newspaper … Telcos pulled into line …

December 22, 2017 2

The story yesterday of the car attack in Melbourne's city, apart from some ill-placed advertising and some bad takes online, was as good as can be expected.

WSJ moving ‘predominantly digital’, closing Asian and European print editions

September 28, 2017

The Wall Street Journal's head honcho is buoyant about the paper's future despite closing global editions and criticism over its coverage of Trump.

Despite print’s so-called death, one newspaper continues to grow

April 27, 2017

Crinkling News is Australia's first children's newspaper, and editor Saffron Howden told Crikey its re-subscription rate has been more than 60%.

AAP plugs the journalistic gaps left by shrinking papers

October 7, 2016 1

The Australian wire service has more than doubled the number of court cases it covers every day.

Do we have to destroy media diversity to save it?

September 26, 2016 3

Media ownership law reform can't only be about how to protect diversity -- it must focus on the long-term viability of public interest journalism.