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How one lanky shareholder and a rooster moved the News Corp share price

Crikey September 10, 2007

Here’s another big claim that might upset Rupert Murdoch’s most loyal business commentator, Terry McCrann, but I reckon the surge in News Corp’s non-voting shares on Friday was driven by my shareholder resolution calling for them to be given the vote, writes Stephen Mayne.

Game on – the campaign to end Rupert’s News Corp gerrymander

Crikey September 7, 2007

It’s game on for one of the biggest shareholder activism campaigns Australia has seen and News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch is in the frame.

Exclusive: SEC forces Rupert to run shareholder vote on gerrymander

Crikey September 6, 2007

The dubious system which sees almost 70% of News Corp shares stripped of voting rights will be put to the test at this year’s October AGM in New York after the US Securities and Exchange Commission rejected Rupert’s objections to my shareholder resolution, writes Stephen Mayne.

Rupert talks WSJ, MySpace, and $$$

Crikey August 9, 2007

Yesterday saw News Corp report to the people about how the company is travelling. Here are some of Rupert's thoughts.

Good times for Bancrofts as Rupert lands Dow Jones

Crikey August 2, 2007

The share market crunch yesterday took much of the attention away from what should have been a glorious triumph for Rupert Murdoch as he landed Dow Jones and even enjoyed a warm reception from his investors as News Corp shares gained 53c to $27.02 this morning.

Spinning for Rupert’s WSJ: Trust me, I’m a journalist

Crikey July 31, 2007

How long does it take to count the Bancroft family votes on Murdoching the Wall Street Journal? The silence since the alleged 7am deadline passed might suggest it was a not-quite-dead line despite the apparent rejection of Rupert’s Dow Jones bid. A News Corp spokesman is being quoted everywhere as saying it’s highly unlikely Murdoch will proceed with the bid without more support from the controlling family.

Lying for Rupert: all in a day’s work

Crikey July 30, 2007

One trusts The Wall Street Journal’s Bancroft family has been reassured about News Corp’s corporate character by official confirmation that lying for Rupert’s commercial interests is perfectly acceptable behaviour. Now where’s that promise about maintaining editorial integrity...

As Rupert fiddles with his ego, News Corp hits 10-month low

Crikey July 2, 2007

News Corp shares tumbled another 27c to a a 10-month low of $26.98 this morning as the market frets with each passing day that Rupert Murdoch gets closer to reaching his ultimate empire-building dream of acquiring Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal.

Free broadband? The Australian government won’t let it happen

Crikey July 27, 2006

In the UK, News Corp is launching a free broadband service. But in Australia, the government, in its infinite wisdom, continues to allow Telstra to dominate Foxtel which means there is no way that it will facilitate Foxtel competing with its BigPond service. Why can’t we achieve a level of competition similar to that in […]