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News Corp’s failure to buy Channel Ten is a good thing in every way

Christopher Warren September 4, 2017 8 Comments

If News Corp had effectively ended up controlling Ten, it would have been run as a low-cost network, recycling programming from within the News Corp network.

And the Wankley goes to … The Daily Telegraph, with tickets on itself

Emily Watkins August 28, 2017 6 Comments

The Daily Telegraph has increased its month-on-month traffic, while its rivals are getting less traffic now than they were a year ago (when there was *ahem* a federal election on), which means the Tele rules and Fairfax drools.

Stan Grant and the monumental turn towards a living history

Christopher Warren August 28, 2017 2 Comments

Stan Grant has been pilloried for suggesting that we modify our historical monuments to more accurately reflect our complicated past. But for some commentators Australia's Anglo-centric history is obstinately set in stone.

Greg Sheridan says God is dead, confusing God with his journalistic integrity

David Salter August 28, 2017 13 Comments

Greg Sheridan's turned the Oz into his own personal pulpit, but what he's preaching isn't news.

News Corp launches legal defence of editor accused of bullying and drug addiction

Emily Watkins August 25, 2017

News Corp lawyers have sent a defamation concerns notice to an independent journalist on behalf of one of its editors.

Like most of the media, News Corp needs a new business model (and fast)

Christopher Warren August 21, 2017 2 Comments

News Corp needs to evolve if they are to keep their mastheads alive, and while they have accepted that print is no longer viable there doesn't seem to be a ready replacement on the horizon.

Prodigal son returns … carn the All Blacks … a screwball comedy in the making …

Prodigal son returns … carn the All Blacks … a screwball comedy in the making …

Emily Watkins August 17, 2017 2 Comments

Daily Mail Australia editor-in-chief Luke McIlveen is moving back to News Corp as executive editor of Fox Sports.

Should you be worried about Fairfax and News Corp’s ridiculous new copyright scheme?

Crikey August 16, 2017 3 Comments

Fairfax and News Corp are two of quite a few media organisations to have signed up to a new "free and open licence" for content. But as freelance journalist Asher Wolf writes, the new arrangement is neither free nor open.

Sorry is the hardest word … Hack’s Nazi interview … Journos upset by swearwords …

Sorry is the hardest word … Hack’s Nazi interview … Journos upset by swearwords …

Emily Watkins August 15, 2017 3 Comments

News Corp tabloids fail to apologise for incorrectly attributing modelling of a Labor budget blow-out to the Parliamentary Budget Office, Triple J's Hack interview a Nazi, and some people who swear all the time get upset about some choice language.

News Corp discloses unprecedented figures

Glenn Dyer August 15, 2017 1 Comment

News Corp have changed their policy and released figures on the size of their newspaper revenues. What does this allow us to see about News Corp's business, and what does it portend for the future?