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Covering Melbourne … the most-read newspaper … Telcos pulled into line …

Covering Melbourne … the most-read newspaper … Telcos pulled into line …

December 22, 2017 2

The story yesterday of the car attack in Melbourne's city, apart from some ill-placed advertising and some bad takes online, was as good as can be expected.

Liquidating Murdoch: a Disney story

December 18, 2017 1

The Murdoch empire has been tight-lipped on its true plans after the Disney deal, but it's clear that things are on a downward slope.

Murdoch goes back to the future to distract from his declining legacy

December 15, 2017 6

Rupert Murdoch's spin is in overdrive as he tries to justify the Fox-Disney sale as anything but what it is: a necessary deal to save a falling company.

News Corp’s ‘political’ decision to pull out of newspaper circulation audits

and December 14, 2017 2

News Corp's decision to stop reporting its print figures to the Audited Media Association of Australia is a political decision that lacks transparency.

Would you buy a used media policy from Mitchell Peter Fifield?

December 14, 2017 5

Among the barrage of inquiries following media reforms passing this year, regulators will be looking at how the ABC can compete in the modern media jungle.

Will the Disney deal split the Murdoch men?

December 14, 2017

Ahead of a 21st Century Fox restructure and the monolithic Fox-Disney deal, questions are being raised about how Rupert's heirs fit in.

New measure for papers … gag laws on the agenda … breakfast shuffle continues …

December 11, 2017 3

Lisa Wilkinson will take charge of Ten's new website as part of her defection to the network. Plus other media tidbits of the day.

ABC radio cuts … Studio 10 EP sues … Manly Daily squeezed …

December 5, 2017 3

The outgoing executive producer of Ten's Studio 10 Rob McKnight will sue the network for unfair dismissal, his lawyer says.

A closer look at the frailty of News Corp’s ledger

November 22, 2017 3

News Corp's Australian assets appear to be doing well but the reality is much more complicated.

The Daily Tele’s grumpy old man shtick is kind of working

November 20, 2017 8

The Daily Telegraph's "analogue meme" Al Bundy reaction to the postal survey speaks as much about News Corp's ailing health as it does about the company's stance on marriage equality.

Revealed: Fox AGM shows democracy done Rupert Murdoch-style

November 16, 2017 4

Murdoch showed again today his shareholders shouldn't have a voice. Here's a full list of former AGMs that went much the same way.

Local news is dying, but the proposed cures are intriguing

November 13, 2017 1

Delivered to you for free, suburban newspapers are exclusively dependent on advertising, particularly real estate advertising. This model is collapsing. But various communities have responded to the decline in novel and innovative ways.

Community newspaper cuts … the revolving door … Tele’s Manus Island exclusive …

Community newspaper cuts … the revolving door … Tele’s Manus Island exclusive …

November 10, 2017

Both major newspaper companies have announced more cuts at their community titles this week.

News Corp enjoying boost as real estate listings lead the charge

November 10, 2017

The real estate advertising arm of News Corp is the success story of the latest financial results.

What you need to know about Fox, Disney and the future of Murdoch

November 8, 2017 2

What are global media watchers saying about the changing forecasts for Rupert Murdoch's media empire?

Business barons take serious work ethic to Melbourne Cup marquees

November 8, 2017 2

Some of our staunchest opponents of worker's rights enjoyed took a much needed day off to drink and bemoan penalty rates at the races.

ABC offices raided by police … Rundle: Lateline’s journalistic triumph … News Corp editors appointed …

October 26, 2017 1

The ABC's Brisbane offices have been searched by Queensland police over a series of stories based on leaked cabinet documents.

Where’s this media company merger frenzy we were told would happen?

October 23, 2017

With media reform dreams now a reality, the stage should be set for a merger frenzy. So where is it?

Fox tries to placate critics after sexual harassment scandals

October 16, 2017 1

It's unclear as to whether this strategy will convince anyone anywhere.

News Corp lectures its readers: sexual harassment is appalling

October 12, 2017 3

Harvey Weinstein has been derided as a 'dinosaur' in The Australian, but News Corp has had a litany of it's own fossils.