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Stream or sink: Sky Television’s plummeting fortunes signal a shift in Australasian broadcasting

March 7, 2018 1

New Zealand's Sky Network Television has seen a massive share price fall in the last few days as it scrambles to stake its claim in the streaming ring alongside former News Corp comrades Foxtel and Sky plc.

How can News Corp point the finger at Tingle?

March 7, 2018 16

If a journalist has a conflict of interest when they have contractual links with key participants in public debate, where does that leave News Corp?

How long until this newspaper closure cycle comes to pass?

March 5, 2018 1

What does the closure of a number of NZ newspapers means for our media market?

The Tele on trial … News Corp’s new ad campaign … ABC’s tips from the super rich …

February 20, 2018 1

The Daily Telegraph has gone all-out in its coverage today of its defamation case with actor Geoffrey Rush.

Foxtel tidies its books ahead of revamp

February 14, 2018 1

News Corp and Telstra are putting the finishing touches on their revamp of Foxtel.

News Corp finds itself once again propped up by digital real estate holdings

February 9, 2018

The company's second quarter report shows that, amid declining advertising revenues, they're leaning more than ever on new digital acquisitions and smaller operations

Where’s Wally … I mean, Rupert?

February 8, 2018

A News Corp shares move sideways and now downwards, the patriarch of News Corp is nowhere to be seen writes Christopher Warren.

More machinations at News Corp as Patrick Delaney becomes new Foxtel head

January 31, 2018

The shift is typical of New Corp's almost constant shifting of executives between its various operations. What does it mean for the Murdochs' plans?

Crikey Worm: Shorten makes big promises on wage growth

January 31, 2018

Opposition leader Bill Shorten has announced a back-to-basics campaign aimed at low-wage earners while representatives of various industries have condemned proposed treason laws by the Coalition.

Fake news overload … good feud guide … new Weekend Today hosts …

Fake news overload … good feud guide … new Weekend Today hosts …

January 11, 2018 3

Yet another Australian news satire website has launched, with rather strong echoes of its biggest rival in the game, The Betoota Advocate.