June, 2018

How The Squiz is taking media briefings to the masses 

, Jun 20, 2018

Morning news digest The Squiz has been quietly appearing in more and more inboxes across the country for over a year. But, creator and former spinner Claire Kimball tells Crikey, it's not easy work.

Meet the publishers ripping up the Australian media playbook

, Apr 03, 2018

What's a defamation suit worth when you have nothing to lose? In this four-part series we meet some of the Australian journalists massively disrupting the mainstream.

Idiot’s Guide to the Convergence Review: content standards

, May 04, 2012

How does the Convergence Review balance its deregulatory vibe with its assertion that content standards are still necessary, because the community expects them and because failing to restrict access to some content can do harm?

No comment: killing online discussion?

, Apr 11, 2012

Most articles on news sites (including humble little Crikey) run comments below the stories. What's the point? Only one comment in a 100 is worth reading and they are a financial burden, says Joel Johnson.

The enthusiastic future of new media

, Jan 31, 2012

Founder of pop culture site The Enthusiast Mel Campbell explains the difficulty of running an news site that takes time but pays no money and how unwilling readers are to pay for online media.

New Kid on The Block: the enthusiasm of The Enthusiast

, Jan 30, 2012

The story of bright indy publication The Enthusiast is sobering for those who embrace the possibilities of new media.

Kiwi pointers on how to define news media, beef up regulation

, Jan 20, 2012

The New Zealand Law Commission recently released an issues paper that elegantly deals with the very same issues the Finkelstein inquiry is considering in Australia, including how to define "news media" in the internet age, and what a beefed up regulation system might look like.

Simons: being first, or being right?

, Sep 08, 2011

If mainstream media outlets spend their diminishing resources in a futile battle to be first, then they will race themselves out of business to no useful end. That is not where resources should be deployed.

Simons: will Fairfax apps change the fundamental outlook?

, Jun 02, 2011

Can the slick new Fairfax apps for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald save the newspaper journalism business model?
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New media v old media: a question of moderation

, May 11, 2011

The question of pre-moderation vs post-moderation of reader comments on a publisher website is a fascinating one. It’s also increasingly integral to modern news outlets, writes Jonathon Oake at blog The Spongeist.