December, 2017

What the American net neutrality decision means for Australia

and , Dec 15, 2017

Ajit Pai's destruction of net neutrality has ramifications beyond the American economy into the realm of human rights.
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Net neutrality and why the internet might have just changed forever

, Jan 16, 2014

A United States court decision has enshrined the principal of internet neutrality  -- and moves the goal posts on what service providers must offer. Crikey’s tech expert examines the implications.

The Googizon controversy

, Aug 10, 2010

Google and Verizon have announced a controversial net neutrality framework that skeptics say jeopardizes the search giant's famous "don't be evil" mantra. Craig Aaron explains the basics behind their "fake neutrality" proposal.

Google takes over the White House

, Mar 31, 2010

Google isn't just your favourite search engine. It's power has increased so much that it is now involved in policy debates and government lobbying in the US. But is it just a tiny fish in a giant Washington pond?
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The internet’s biggest threat? Fear mongering bureaucrats

, Mar 05, 2010

The biggest threat to internet freedom isn't China, hackers or spammers, says Ryan Singel: it's the security and government propagandists spreading the myth that we're engaged in a "cyberwar" in the first place.

Australia’s internet: not neutral, not cheap, not very good

, Feb 11, 2010

"Net neutrality" is a hot issue in the States, where folks don't want their access to online content limited or influenced by ISPs. But Aussies needn't worry their pretty little heads about it: our internet hasn't been neutral for years.
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Happy birthday, internets!

, Sep 02, 2009

Just how does the internet celebrate its 40th birthday? By doing what the internet does best: whingeing about how shit it is.