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The neoliberal solution to low wages growth? Cut wages further!

June 13, 2018 10

For neoliberals, every problem can be fixed by cutting wages and conditions and reducing the size of government. Even low wages growth.

Razer: sorting truth from treachery in the legacy of Paris, 1968

May 15, 2018 22

For too many, the 1968 Paris protests are an apolitical memory. For others, they paved the way for neoliberalism's global domination.

Are the major parties dealing with the central problem of neoliberalism?

May 11, 2018 26

The key difference between the major parties now is that one is only treating the symptoms of the collapse of neoliberalism, while the other -- tentatively -- is looking at the condition itself.

Banking crisis exposes our tendency to disequilibrium

May 4, 2018 26

Two major industries have demonstrated how our neoliberal policymaking process ends up producing a backlash that can damage the entire economy.

The royal commission isn’t exposing flaws in the system — this IS the system

April 19, 2018 39

The revelations of the banking royal commission reflect deeper issues about policymaking in Australia than just the structure of the finance industry.

Universal basic income? More like universally bad idea.

April 10, 2018 32

The fact that those spruiking universal basic income are also those crushing workers' rights should signal the true designs of this so-called "leftist" policy.

Company tax robbery is everything that is wrong with our governance

March 26, 2018 32

The development and possible passage of the company tax cut package reflects a policymaking process debauched by decades of neoliberalism.

Ken Henry is wrong. It’s not about corporations being nicer.

March 5, 2018 15

Relying on business to be nice to the community won't solve the problems of neoliberalism: the power imbalance that has favoured business over consumers and workers needs to be fixed.

Razer: the confused person’s guide to who is and isn’t ‘left-wing’

February 22, 2018 42

As voters continue to move further to the left or right of the spectrum -- just as they always have -- trolls and pundits will continue to use the wrong language to classify them.

Crisis in trust a product of governments too busy helping companies to help us

January 31, 2018 7

With global trust levels stagnating, and still declining in Australia, it's time we understood why people in democracies don't like their governments.

Attacks on South Sudanese cover for the Libs’ nationalist crisis

January 15, 2018 19

The government's attacks on the South Sudanese refugee community cover the fact that the Liberal party remains committed to the drivers of resurgent nationalism: open borders and neoliberalism.

Australian neoliberalism meets its conqueror: electricity

October 16, 2017 28

The problems of our failed electricity market are the same problems that crop up time and again when market economics is applied to crucial services.

IMF confirms inequality harms growth. But would higher taxes fix it?

IMF confirms inequality harms growth. But would higher taxes fix it?

September 26, 2017 7

A new International Monetary Fund paper expands the view of what used to be the temple of international neoliberalism that inequality is growing, and dangerous.

Two years on, Turnbull’s way is a confused one

September 15, 2017 23

After two years in power, it's not clear what Malcolm Turnbull stands for. And that's not entirely his fault -- the world has dramatically changed since September 2015.

What is killing neoliberalism?

September 14, 2017 13

The US, the UK, France, Canada, New Zealand, even Japan -- wherever you look, wages are stagnant. And that's terrible news for neoliberalism.

Developing countries punch back at mining giants

September 13, 2017 3

Once feared by governments, mining multinationals are now discovering that the growing hostility to neoliberalism has left them exposed.

The day the right didn’t like market forces, when coal-fired power was on the line

September 7, 2017 16

Let free markets and private capital operate unencumbered by regulation, the right demands. Until, um, free markets produce results they have an ideological problem with.

Parasitic mining industry won’t stop bleeding Australia dry

August 8, 2017 16

The mining lobby wants a new round of punitive industrial relations reforms, at a time when real wages are falling in the sector and productivity booming. But that's the way neoliberalism operates.

That whining sound is a business sector in crisis

July 27, 2017 15

The complete refusal of business to accept that its neoliberal agenda is dead is increasing the risk that progressive reform is replaced with something far more dangerous.

Razer: inequality IS the point

July 25, 2017 11

Inequality has reached a crisis point in Australia, no matter your definition. The poor can't afford homes or electricity, and something has to be done.