February, 2016

Government goes to water as Nats target foreign investment

, Feb 23, 2016

The Nationals' war on foreign investment in agriculture continues with more red tape in the water sector.

States continuing to impede progress towards a sustainable Murray-Darling

, Oct 14, 2010

A sustainable Murray-Darling Basin -- and the regional communities that depend on it -- need a properly-working water market. The states are preventing one from developing.

Remember the Murray-Darling? It’s still in deep trouble …

, Dec 22, 2009

While the Murray-Darling has dropped out of the media cycle, the goal of sustainable management remains as far off as ever, particularly after events this month.

Sheehan: Rudd just an environmental blowhard of hot air

, Dec 22, 2009

We can't blame Kevin Rudd entirely for climate change and global warming. But we can blame him for making it even worse, writes Paul Sheehan. Rudd's green credentials are disappearing faster than the Murray Darling Basin.

National Water Commission report: going backwards on environmental management

, Oct 13, 2009

The National Water Commission’s report on water reform may be one of the most dispiriting government reports ever compiled. River systems are collapsing and regional communities suffering.

National Water Commission report: plans “critically inadequate”

, Oct 13, 2009

Highlights from the National Water Commission's report on water reform: progress is "critically inadequate", quality is "poor", water accounting is "virtually non-existent" and other heart-warming tales.