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Tag archives: national security

Something is badly wrong with the way we protect ourselves from terrorism

Bernard Keane August 7, 2017 20 Comments

The discovery of an unsuccessful plot to bring down an airliner should raise serious questions about whether our massive national security spending is making us any safer.

Shortsighted intelligence review lavished with praise

Bernard Keane July 26, 2017 4 Comments

Australia has a shallow gene pool when it comes to intelligence commentary and the response to the latest intelligence review shows it.

How will neoliberals respond to the populist onslaught?

Bernard Keane July 21, 2017 15 Comments

As both Labor and Liberals seek to exploit voter discontent over globalisation, do neoliberals have a response to the crisis engulfing the dominant economic dogma of the last 30 years?

Traditional media not completely cut out in PM’s cut-through strategy

Traditional media not completely cut out in PM’s cut-through strategy

Josh Taylor July 21, 2017

Turnbull is still as reliant on traditional media outlets as he is social media, despite a concerted push in his office to bypass them.

Intelligence review recommendations are all empire-building, out of sight

Bernard Keane July 19, 2017 7 Comments

What should have been a fundamental review of how we conduct and oversee intelligence-gathering has instead become an opportunity to expand and entrench the security bureaucracy.

The public humiliation of George Brandis

Bernard Keane July 19, 2017 13 Comments

Not merely was Attorney-General George Brandis required to support losing his key functions yesterday, he was required to explain why it was such a good idea.

Dutton anointed, Brandis humiliated. Malcolm Turnbull has finally lost it.

Bernard Keane July 18, 2017 46 Comments

Malcolm Turnbull has announced a home affairs portfolio, in a major win for Peter Dutton that reflects how weak the Prime Minister is.

Turnbull govt exemplifies the sordid hypocrisy of Western politicians

Bernard Keane June 26, 2017 21 Comments

In feting the criminal David Petraeus, Malcolm Turnbull demonstrates his government's hypocrisy on national security.

Keeping suspected terrorists in high-security prisons is a terrible idea

Greg Barns June 8, 2017 15 Comments

Our prison system thinks it is acceptable to subject troubled young people to enduring isolation, boredom, capricious discipline and humiliation.

Our politicians and media are in denial about the cause of terrorism

Crikey June 6, 2017 21 Comments

Our media never stops to ask how all of this terrorism started in the first place. The overwhelming evidence is clear: the invasion of Iraq in 2003, writes former head of Prime Minister and Cabinet John Menadue.